Ultra Low Temperature Cold Trap, -40°C ~ -80°C

Ultra Low Temperature Cold Trap, -40°C ~ -80°C,Laboratory Ultra Low Temperature Cold Trap Chillers, -40°C ~ -80°C, capacity 5L to 10L

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Ultra Low Temperature Cold Trap, -40°C ~ -80°C chillers

UIC-HL cold trapUIC-HL cold trap

Cold trap cooled by compressor, which reduces the temperature of the trap wall in the cold trap cavity, changes the condensed and recovered gas into a non-gas state, stores it in the cold trap cavity, and then discharges the material recovered into the cold trap cavity.

UIC Series ULT cold Trap can capture water vapor and harmful gases emission from vacuum drying oven and pressure reduced concentration device, also it can improving efficiency of vacuum system, extending life-span of vacuum pump.

●UIC Series ULT cold Trap can be used in drying system for capacitor, battery pole and battery cell.
●Used as pre-freezing bath and low temperature bath.
●Digital display for better control of the bath temperature, which makes it easier to start the vacuum pump at right time.
●Stainless steel 304 liquid bath can be used to do water or ethanol cooling experiments. With glass condenser, it can deal with acid or organic solvents.
●Lastly, designed with drain valve for easy discharge of collected liquid.





Model UIC-2000H UIC-2000L UIC-5000H UIC-5000L
Minimum temp. (°C) -40 -80 -40 -80
Cooling type Direct cooling or Indirect cooling
Ambient temp. (°C) 5~25
Relative humidity (%) ≤70
Power supply (V/ Hz) 220-240V~,50Hz
Temperature display Digital Display
Sensor index Pt100
Setting method Arbitrary setting within the operating temperature range
Safety protection Delay, overcurrent, overheat
Dehumidification capacity Max.1kg (water system) Max.1kg (water system) Max.4kg (water system) Max.4kg (water system)
Cooling capacity (W) -10°C 640 920
-20°C 400 520
-30°C 200 280
-40°C 20 260 40 400
-60°C 110 200
-80°C 40 60
Refrigerant R404A R404A, R23 R404A R404A, R23
Machine power (W) 819 1580 835 1602
Machine current (A) 3.7 7.2 3.8 7.3
Cold trap cavity (mm) Ф160×240 Ф160×240 Ф220×240 Ф220×240
Material of reservoir 304 304 304 304
* OD of inlet/outlet 12mm(OD) 12mm(OD) 12mm(OD) 12mm(OD)
Dimensions W × D × H (mm) 365×590×891 439×528×1191 573×584×1052 505×730×1387
Weight (kg) 60 100 85 120


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