UH-Z Series Ultrasonic Homogenizer, Integrated Ultrasonic Cell Pulverizer, Extractor, Disperser, Processor, Emulsifier


Ultrasonic homogenizer, also known as ultrasonic cell pulverizer, extractor, disperser, processor , emulsifier; is one of the commonly used equipment for laboratory sample pretreatment; widely used in:

  • Sewage treatment (COD degradation)
  • Environmental science (extraction of soil organic matter)
  • Pharmaceutical (Traditional herbal medicine and plant extraction)
  • Life science (cell wall extraction and crushing)
  • Composite material preparation (nano material dispersion)
  • Homogeneous mixing (accelerated dissolution, chemical reaction synthesis, oil-water emulsification)


  • OUH-piece design, simple and elegant appearance, and small footprint.
  • 110V/220V optional voltage input
  • 10 groups of user selection and storage, can call out the program group to run in real time.
  • There are three operating mode settings: continuous use, pulse, and timed continuous ultrasound, which can meet the processing of various materials.
  • The operation interface adopts 7-inch color industrial touch screen.
  • Comes with ultrasonic output running display light, which can observe the processing effect of ultrasonic on the sample in real time.
  • Integrated display of operation interface, which can directly view each parameter of ultrasound.
  • Three-dimensional exponential horn design, the ultrasonic horn has a longer service life and higher efficiency.
  • Optional automatic lift, UV sterilization lamp.
  • The series of products have CE/ISO certification and intellectual property protection.


Technical parameters

Model UH-300Z UH-500Z UH-1000Z UH-1500Z UH-1800Z UH-2000Z
ultrasonic host parameters
Ultrasonic power 300W 500W 1000W 1500W 1800W 2000W
Ultrasonic power (energy saving) 30W 65W 115W 160W 175W 185W
Ultrasonic probe parameters
Standard horn Φ3mm Φ6mm Φ10mm Φ16mm Φ18mm Φ20mm
throughput 0.1~300mL 0.1~500ml 0.1~1200ml 50ml~1800ml 50ml~2200ml 50ml~3000ml
Cable 150cm 150cm 150cm 150cm 150cm 150cm
Optional horns Φ3 (0.1~50mL)

Φ6 (50~300mL)


Φ3 (0.1~50mL)

Φ6 (50~500mL)



Φ6 (50~500mL)

Φ10(500 ~1200mL)




Φ10(50~500mL) Φ16(50~1200mL)






Note: Choose the appropriate horn according to the processing capacity

Parameters of Ultrasonic Probe

Configuration of Piezoelectric Frequency Converter
Piezoelectric Frequency Converter PZT Lead Zirconate Titanate Piezoelectric Ceramics
Standard Amplifier Aluminum Alloy Material: T1-6AL-4V
Total Length 105-115mm (variable ratio)
Cable Line 150 cm

Ultrasonic host common parameters

Horn material Titanium alloy: TC4
Nominal frequency 19-26KHz (real-time display frequency)
Timer 1Min~99H can be set
Power regulation 1%~100%, 1% progressive
Temperature warning setting 0~300°C, 1°C increments
user program 10 groups (can be set, stored, working status can be viewed in real time)
pulse interval 1S~60Min can be set and stored
operating mode Pulse, Time, Continuous
LCD Color touch screen, resolution: 800×480
operating language English
Display parameters Ultrasonic output power, frequency, working mode, user group, setting key, equipment running status, start/stop, equipment running parameter details key
Running display Total running time, working time, stop time, user group, overload temperature, power output ratio, working mode, program save key
show lights Built-in ultrasonic output running display light, you can observe the ultrasonic output status at any time
Power 110/220V /50-60Hz
Weight 11 kg


Standard configuration packing

Ultrasonic host 1 set
Ultrasound probe 1 set
Lifting table, non-slip mat 1
Temperature Sensor 1 stick
power cable 1
Cable 1
fuse 3 sticks