UH-Y Series Handheld Ultrasonic Homogenizer, Ultrasonic Cell Pulverizer


Mainly used in the preparation of composite materials (dispersion of nanomaterials), life sciences (cell-breaking extraction and pulverization), pharmaceuticals (extraction of Chinese herbal medicine and plants), environmental science (extraction of soil organic matter), sewage treatment (degradation of COD), homogenization Mixing (accelerated dissolution, chemical reaction synthesis, oil-water emulsification), etc.



■ Handheld ultrasonic processor is a precision instrument for sample pretreatment developed based on a simple and reliable design concept.

■ Integrated design of probe and host, small volume, large processing capacity and compact structure.

■ The integrated design of ultrasonic vibration system has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and portability.

■ The ultrasonic probe is made of TC4 material, which has the characteristics of high strength, high speed of sound, good corrosion resistance and high heat resistance, so as to prolong the service life of the instrument.

■ Made by SMD technology, it has the advantages of automatic frequency tracking, automatic amplitude compensation, stable load and high electro-acoustic conversion efficiency.

■ Hand-held control ultrasound, or rack-fixed ultrasound, especially suitable for micro or small sample processing (eg: EP tubes, microcentrifuge tubes).

■ Using wide-voltage input power supply, both 12-24V DC and 85-260V AC voltage can work.

■ Comes with a vehicle-mounted working cable, which is convenient for users to use outdoors.



Model UH-150Y UH-200Y UH-300Y
Nominal frequency 30KHz 30KHz 30KHz
Nominal power 150W 200W 300W
Standard horn Φ3 Φ6 Φ8
Applicable capacity 0.1~100ml 0.1 ~200ml 0.1~300ml
Amplifier can be added Φ2(0.1~0.5mL)

Φ3 (0.5~30mL)








Product size 265 mm* 42 mm (H*D)
Packing size 370*280*150mm
Weight 3.5kg


Standard list

Item Qty
whole machine 1 set
power supply 1 set
manual 1 copy
certificate 1 copy
bracket 1 set



No. Item Name
UHYOP010 Stand holder
UHYOP011 lifting platform
UHYOP012 lab mat