High Pressure Homogenizer, 12L/h

High Pressure Homogenizer, 12L/h. It is used for dairy, food & beverage, fruit juice, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and other industries.

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Product Description

Our High-Pressure Homogenizer is a miniaturized bench-top biological sample processing unit. The machine has a built-in cooling circula-tion system to directly cool the homogenizing head, and homogenizing valves for different applications can be purchased. It is characterized by high pressure, small volume, easy operation, high processing efficiency and large sample output. It is the standard equipment for R&D and production in bioengineering and biopharmaceutical industries.


Working Principle

Material from the material cup through the one-way valve into the high-pressure warehouse, through the pump body telescopic pressuriza- tion so that the sample to reach the regulated control of high pressure, through a specific width of the limited flow gap instantaneous release of the formation of micro-jet impact on the impact of the valve or homogenizing valve, in turn, through the cavity, impact, shear to achieve the emulsification of materials dispersed and the cell crusher purpose.

Working Principle Schematic


Product Features


Application Areas


Sample Examples

Plant proteins: soy protein, peanut protein, sweet potato protein, etc;

Plant tissues: psyllium sprouts, hawthom leaves, loquatleaves, ginger plantrhizomes, etc;

Algal cells: Spirulina cells, hairy Candida cells, Chlorella cells, etc,

Microorganisms: yeast, E. coli, fission kettle bacteria, etc,

Liquid food: food and beverages, dairy products, fruit juices, etc;

Paint screed: carbon black paint screed, phthalocyanine green paint screed,phthalocyanine blue paint screed, violet 23 paint screed, etc;


Technical Parameters


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