The non-contact ultrasonic pulverizer is also called a cup ultrasonic disruptor, which can be pulverized in a closed container, sterile, and ultra-traceable. Compared with the traditional probe ultrasonic cell pulverizer, the instrument has the advantages of being able to detect multiple samples at one time, high experimental efficiency, no need to operate the probe frequently, and avoid cross-contamination of samples. The instrument is equipped with a low temperature and constant temperature device as standard, which is convenient for the sample to work in the environment of 4-10 °C, so that the energy distribution is uniform and the ultrasonic effect is complete. It has gradually become an indispensable standardized tool for ChIP (chromatin immunoprecipitation) and DNA shearing research platforms.


  • Isothermal treatment: used with cooling water circulation system
  • High repeatability: adjustable parameters, precise control of the sample processing process, and high repeatability of results
  • Rotary stand: automatic continuous rotation of the centrifuge tube to make the ultrasonic energy distribution more uniform
  • Ultrasonic new technology: energy focusing, large effective ultrasonic area, better uniformity
  • Wide range of application: suitable for various standard containers and can handle a variety of samples
  • Small sample loss: can be used to process micro samples, the minimum is 5µl
  • Zero contamination of samples: the closed environment enhances biological safety (such as mycobacteria, viruses, etc.), and the non-contact type eliminates the risk of cross-contamination and the phenomenon of traditional probe wear and slag
  • High heat exchange efficiency: double-layer glass jacketed cup design, high heat exchange efficiency
  • High product maturity: it has been verified and used by domestic well-known biological laboratories and internationally well-known CRO company laboratories
  • Integrated soundproof box: effectively reduce noise, occupy a small space, and have a large window, which can clearly observe the experimental results


Model UH-08IIIC
Frequency  20KHz(±0.5KHz)
Power 1100W can adjustable , 1%-100%
Timer 1-999min
Duty 0.1-99.9%
volume 900ml
Temp display Yes
Shelf 0.5ml*12 hole、2ml*12 hole 、0.2ml*12hole 、5ml-50ml can customize
Power 220V±0.5 50Hz
Chiller  standard configuration