Ultrasonic waves microwave extraction device, 2800W, 20~500ml

Ultrasonic waves microwave extraction device, 2800W, 20~500ml. You can choose ultrasonic, microwave or ultrasound-microwave three methods


At present, the widely used ultrasonic extractor in laboratory is to transfer the ultrasonic wave generated by the ultrasonic transducer through the medium (usually water) and act on the sample, which is an indirect mode of action. The extraction efficiency depends on the vibration intensity High and low, in order to solve the problem of low extraction efficiency.

Microwave-assisted extraction technology is the use of target molecules in the s ample under the action of microwave electromagnetic field, from the original state of thermal motion to follow the microwave alternating electromagnetic field and quickly arranged orientation, the microwave energy into the sample energy to accelerate the target The process of entering the solvent phase from the solid phase. The existing microwave-assisted extraction equipment, including high-pressure closed and atmospheric pressure open two, although each has its advantages, but there are some shortcomings. For example, high-pressure microwave-assisted extractives require very high strength and tightness of the extraction can material with small sample throughputs (about 0.5-5 g) and long cooling times. Atmospheric pressure open microwave assisted extraction to some extent to overcome the lack of high-pressure closed-end, sample handling capacity also increased significantly, but the sample processing time is longer, the work efficiency decreased.

In order to overcome the shortcomings of the above single ultrasonic or microwave assisted techniques and the charring phenomenon caused by the long time reaction of organic reactions, we try to combine the ultrasonic wave and the light wave (microwave) organically to make full use of the ultrasonic wave Vibration cavitation and high-energy effect of light waves (microwaves), the first concept of pre-processing of samples by synergistic light wave (microwave) -sult ultrasound under the conditions of low temperature and pressure was put forward. The successful development of the UE-ML1000 lightwave / Microwave / Ultrasound Combination Extraction System.






Product parameters

Combination of functions Various combinations of microwave, ultrasonic wave, light wave, ultraviolet ray and magnetic stirring can be selected
Microwave Power 1000W

(1% -100%)

Microwave Frequency 2450 MHz
Working Hours 0-999S
microwave mode of action pulsed continuous heating
Optical power / wavelength 0-800W / infrared section

Working time 0-999S

UV power / wavelength 50W / 365nm
ultrasonic horn diameter Φ6mm
Ultrasonic power / frequency 10-1000W

20-25 KHz

Ultrasonic mode of action Immersion ultrasonic transducer is in direct contact with the material in the vessel

Acoustic vibration (energy) efficiency is close to 100%

magnetic stirring 50-300 rev / min
Program control 200 sets of programs can be preset.

Each program can preset working time (0-999S), microwave, light wave, ultrasonic power, UV (on / off) Modify and call

temperature control Non-contact infrared temperature measurement

Temperature range RT ~ 300 ℃ (± 1 ℃);

machine control Full English color touch screen HMI interface

Microcomputer PLC programmable logic controller

password User and administrator
reactor monitoring one screen with real-time window to monitor the reaction status of the sample
LED lighting power / color temp. 24W / 6200K
Network Interface RJ45
Sample volume standard 500, 1000 mL (other size is optional)
Protection with magnetron temperature protection

Door switch protection and other multiple safety chain protection device

With high reliability and safety

Material Stainless steel inner shell, durable
cavity volume 25 L
Power 3000W
Voltage AC 220 V ± 10%/50 Hz
Microwave leakage in line with national standards

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