Large LCD graph chart paperless temperature recorder

Large LCD graph chart paperless temperature recorder

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temperature recorder

Temperature Recorder Features:

◆ Using the latest LSI, international famous factory components.
◆ High-speed, high-performance 32-bit ARM microprocessor, which can achieve 4-way signal detection, recording, display and alarm.
◆ 3.5 inches 320×240 dot graphic LCD high-brightness, clear picture, wide viewing angles.
◆ You can enter a variety of signals, no jumper, configured by software.
◆ new switching power supply, within the range of normal working 100VAC ~ 240VAC.
◆ Integrated hardware real-time clock, power-down situations clock can run accurately.
◆ provide 24VDC transmitter isolation distribution.
◆ Large capacity FLASH memory chips to store historical data, power-down and never lost data.
◆ 2 relay alarm output.


◆ You can enter a variety of standard signal: standard current, standard voltage, frequency, millivolt, thermocouple, RTD.
◆ signal full scale accuracy ± 0.2%.
◆ standard 4-20mA transmitter output.


◆ software password lock to ensure safe user configuration.
◆ Chinese menu configuration can be freely configured and display engineering digit number, engineering units.
◆ quantities display range: -9999 to 30,000, also supports the degree of vacuum operation and scientific notation.
◆ free to set upper and lower limits for each channel alarm, record and display the most recent 256 alarms.
◆ Each channel supports flow accumulation function, offers a variety of classes in the form of newspaper reports, daily, monthly, annual reports, etc.
◆ curve horizontal curve selectable display mode or vertical curves.
◆ Built-GB2312 two Chinese characters (6500 characters).
◆ Powerful features T6 input method, easy to operate. Support Pinyin, digital, English, special symbols, upper and lower standard character input, using international standard codes, solve the problem of special units and input Chinese-bit number.


◆ standard serial communication interface: RS232C and RS485.
◆ Support standard Modbus-RTU communication protocol that provides a variety of data types, such as one hundred components, engineering, cumulative amount. In addition to supporting the company’s DataManagement data management software, also supports iFix, configuration king, MCGS, power control, and other general and specialized configuration software, no special drivers.
◆ first U disk, SD card dual card backup, U disk data dump, SD card for mass storage.
◆ support the FAT32 file system, Windows can automatically identify the backup data files without format conversion.
◆ external micro-printer, you can manually print data, curves, regular automatic print real-time data to meet the needs of the user on-site printing.

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