Tissue Grinder/Ball Mill


TBM-192 High-throughput tissue grinder can meanwhile grind 2×96 pairs of samples in 3 minutes. A free choice in dry grinding, wet grinding, mixing and homogenizing treatment. Sample categories provided: plant tissues, animal tissues, cells, bacteria and yeast, etc. For large-throughput sample extraction of nucleic acid, the grinder can greatly enhance the efficiency and quality of grinding.


  1. Equipped with interlock device, which can prevent the grinding jars or adapters from falling,
  2. If low-temperature mill is required, the adapters together with the samples can be cooled in Liquid N2 for 1-2 minutes before mill, and the samples needn’t to be cooled again during grind which can save liquid N2.
  3. Adopting sealed one-off tubes which eliminates the cross-contamination
  4. Repeatable. To the same samples, same grinding effect can be achieved by using the same procedure.
  5. Prepare for kinds of samples: plant (rice, maize, wheat, bean and groundnut etc), animal (muscle, intestine, heart, liver, lung, bone and skin etc), bacteria and yeast. The microbe can be ground very well together with the grinding medium SiO2 or ZrO2.
  6. The speed can be adjusted according to the requirement during working and Less Heating.

Technical Parameters:

● Grinding Frequency: 50-2000 times/min
● Timing: 1-99 minutes
● Rated: 375W
● Sample Size: with four sets of accessories: 1~2ml/48*2 holes, 5ml/24*2 holes, 0.2~0.5ml/96*2 holes (Optional), Microplate 96 * 4 holes
● Dimensions: L520×W365×H505 mm
● Supplied with a hundred of steel balls for free