Shaped Constant Temperature Ultrasonic extractor Processor

UE-C Series Thermostat Ultrasonic Extraction Instrument is a new type of ultrasonic extraction / extraction device

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     Shaped Constant Temperature Ultrasonic extractor Processor


UE-C Series Thermostat Ultrasonic Extraction Instrument is a new type of ultrasonic extraction / extraction device that uses modern ultrasonic technology combined with intelligent cryogenic thermostat system as physical means. It mainly consists of high-power ultrasonic generator system, heating system, compressor refrigeration system, temperature control temperature control system , Mixing system and other components. The use of 20KHz focused high-power ultrasonic transducer, the ultrasonic probe immersed directly in the container containing material, temperature sensor for the material temperature, the container containing the material into the thermostatic container can be set according to the needs of users The temperature is required to allow the material to be sufficiently rapidly extracted / extracted under the action of ultrasonic waves under the conditions of low temperature and constant temperature.

Performance characteristics

  • touch screen integrated control technology
  • ultrasonic phase-locked loop frequency automatic tracking technology
  • friendly and beautiful man-machine interface operation to set data, store data and control the working status
  • transducer oscillation frequency by phase sampling to achieve phase-locked loop frequency automatic tracking
  • power setting and temperature measurement circuit to achieve single-chip ultrasonic transmitter power and over-temperature protection and alarm functions
  • 7-inch TFY touch screen display


Model UE-250C UE-500C UE-1000C
Ultrasound power MAX 650 W 900 W 1800 W
Reaction bottle volume 250 ml 500 ml 1000 ml
Probe diameter Ф6 mm Ф10 mm Ф20 mm
Power adjustable range 5% -100% 15%-100% 30%-100%
Ultrasound frequency 22KHz ± 1KHz 22KHz±1KHz 20KHz±1KHz
Total ultrasound time 1-999 min can be set
Ultrasound time 1-99 S can be set
Gap time 1-99 S can be set
Mixer 1% -30% can be set (maximum speed 1000 r / min) Users need to buy and four bottles with
Compressor power 500 W
heating power 2000 W
Temperature control method PID automatic temperature control
Temperature measurement method Dual-channel temperature measurement, monitoring the reaction system and the real-time temperature tank temperature.
Temperature range 0-99 ° C
Temperature control fluctuations ≦ ± 1 ℃
Thermostatic volume 6 L
Abnormal alarm function Yes, the device has fault self-diagnosis and alarm prompts
Operating record mode Equipment has a working curve screen, the entire record of temperature and other parameters change in operation
Equipment control method 7-inch TFT touch screen display and microcontroller integrated control
Equipment operation mode Touch the screen directly, set the temperature, power, time and other parameters
USB communication port The device comes with USB communication port, plug in the USB flash drive, you can save the curve and other information to the USB flash drive
Remote communication serial port This feature is optional, users need to purchase (including PC software) connected to the computer
Reaction bottle Conventional for the three bottles, users need to purchase five bottles

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