Glass door refrigerator in hot, humid season how to do door-condensing

  1. the glass door is a condensation temperature of the summer rainy season, high humidity, when the humidity exceeds 80%, due to lower internal temperature freezer. The surface of the glass door there condensation phenomenon. Not the freezer itself is faulty, please user ease of use.
  2. the hot and humid season, the freezer better place to ventilation position, can effectively reduce the condensation phenomenon.
  3. if the lower temperature inside the freezer, the freezer’s thermostat can reduce the stalls, often with a soft clean cloth Cabo door, which also reduces condensation phenomena.

Refrigerator noise during operation, the larger are the reasons?

  1. Check the freezer is flat, Steady, freezer part is touching the other items;
  2. Check whether the collision between machine Warehouse Road, rearrange pipeline;
  3. If the judge is the compressor noise, replace the compressor;
  4. fan blade is loose, it leaves the collision with the other items

Fluid flow inside the freezer the sound issue is how is it?
Freezer in use, liquid flow will be issued from time to time the sound, which is within the refrigeration system refrigerant flow loop piping voice. Is normal without treatment.