How to adjust the temperature of blood freezer recorder?
The temperature records reflect the temperature at the measuring point which has certain bias with the display temperature, if the deviation is large, user can adjust the recording pen to calibrate. The method as follows: Press and hold the paper change button # 3 until the pen leave and record paper, re-press the 3# key until the pen back to the record paper. The record pen will pause at the external temperature line, then back to the start of record, if the pen is not paused at the above position, need to adjust the 1# (left) or 2# (right) arrow keys to balance the pen . When the pen back to paper and pause, you will have 5 seconds to use 1 # or 2 # arrow keys to adjust the pen position.

How to ensure the normal use of freezer castors?
Generally the horizontal freezer is commercial use, so it will be inevitably moved in use, if improperly, it may cause damage to the caster and affect the normal use, then, the follow points should be attention in using:

1. Try not to push the freezer on uneven place, push it lightly when the ground is uneven, especially if near the edge, lift a side of freezer.

2. If possible, user can make a metal framework with castors to place the freezer.

3. if there is damage of casters, it must be repaired immediately, or the other wheels are easily damaged.

4. When the maintenance personnel on-site repair, allowed seeing if other casters also need to be replaced.

The issues that should be paid attention in the use of ultra-low temperature freezer:
As the depth of ultra-low temperature freezer refrigeration is low, and user can’t pick the Items directly with hands, or it will stick skin. User must wear gloves to pick items. And the door open should be short, or more air distributed will cause long time non-stop of freezer.

How to prevent air leakage of the refrigerator?
After using for a long time, due to the deformation and aging of article sealed magnetic, then the air-conditioning may leak out and reduce the cooling effect. Turn on a flashlight in the refrigerator to check if there are light leak around the refrigerator when closed door, if any, use detergent solution to clean the seal, and paste seal tape to the leakage. Repeat this test supplement, until there is no light leakage.

Notes of nonuse
When the refrigerator will long time nonuse, it should be started once every 2 months and work for about three hours, to prevent the cooling system leakage, and it should be cleaned and dried, and leave the door a slits open to prevent odors.

The issues should be paid attention in carrying the refrigerator?
1).Lift the foot when carrying, can’t grasp the door handle and table, or force to the condenser, mustn’t dragging on the ground.

2) The cabinet shall not exceed the maximum tilt angle of 45 degrees (the angle with the ground box), especially can’t upside down or horizontally, otherwise it will damage the compressor or the refrigeration compressor oil flow into the cooling pipe, affecting refrigeration.

3) During the transport process, to prevent severe bump, shock and rain flooding.