Vacuum freezing dryer is widely used in the medical, pharmaceutical, biological, chemical and food and other fields, Labfreez® FD series is suitable for laboratory use or low-volume production to meet the requirements of most laboratories conventional lyophilization.
FD-10/12/18 series freeze dryer is very suitable for laboratory use, it is mini type which is easy to place and move, raw sample process capacity from 1L to 4L, water remove capacity from 3L(kg) to 6L(kg) in 24 hours.
It can be used to drying for pharmaceutical, food, fruit and other bio sample which can be liquid, powder, bulk and vials shape. 
FD-10/12/18 series freeze dryer with standard configuration -55°C condenser is suitable for Aqueous solution process, -80°C condenser is optional to be able to process Organic Solutions.

Used LCD touch display with USB interface, date & curve can be exported to computer for printing & analysis easy

Used Danfoss (secop) brand compressor we ensure 3 years warranty
  • Regular type (model R) Suitable for bulk sample like fruit, food, bio sample
  • Top-press type (model TP) Suitable for bulk sample, with stoppering device to sealing caps of vials after drying
  • Manifold type (model MR) Suitable for bulk sample, mounted with 8 pcs of flasks can be process for special sample
  • Manifold + Top-press type (model MTP) Suitable for all the samples, with both stoppering device & mounted with 8 pcs flasks
  • Manifold T type (model T) No dry chamber, with 24 port T type dry rack to mount vials, flasks or jar.
Various of vacuum pump & accessories can be choice

Standard 2XZ series

Bwvac (Korea tech)

Leybold (Germany)