SD-300L laboratory micro spray granulator (micro boiling granulator)

SD-300L multifunctional spray granulator can be used for the granulation of Chinese medicine extract, fluidized bed spray granulation and spray agglomeration, coating, fluidized bed drying, etc.

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SD-300L laboratory micro spray granulator (micro boiling granulator)

SD-300L laboratory micro spray granulator (micro boiling granulator)

SD-300L multifunctional spray granulator can be used for the granulation of Chinese medicine extract, fluidized bed spray granulation and spray agglomeration, coating, fluidized bed drying, etc.

Working principle of SD-300L laboratory miniature spray granulating, coating and drying machine (boiling granulator):

  1. Spray agglomeration granulation on a fluidized bed is a molding method that can enhance the properties of the powder. By spraying in a fluidized bed system, we can convert powdery, non-flowing, and generally poorly soluble particles into large, free-flowing particles with excellent solubility. The method is particularly suitable for preparing tablets and manufacturing detergents, drinking powders, and instant products.
  2. The fluidized bed spray agglomeration granulation can move very small powder particles on the fluidized bed and spray them with a binding solution or suspension to generate liquid bridges and make the particles form agglomerates. Continue spraying until the agglomerates reach the desired size. When the residual moisture on the capillary and the surface evaporates, hollow spaces are formed in the particles, and the hardened adhesive completely solidifies the new structure. The lack of kinetic energy in the fluidized bed results in an extremely porous structure with a large number of capillaries inside. The general size of the agglomerate ranges from 100 microns to 3 mm, and the starting material can be ultra-fine.
  3. Fluidized bed drying-an efficient solution for controlled particle drying (SD-300L multifunctional spray granulator)
  4. Fluidized bed drying is the best method for controlled, gentle and uniform drying of wet powder. The intense heat/mass exchange of fluidized bed products makes this method particularly effective and time-saving. This technology is also suitable for the post-drying of sprayed and extruded products with extremely low residual moisture.
  5. Fluidized bed drying can be used in the entire powder processing industry. In the pharmaceutical industry, this innovative method has long replaced the time-consuming tray drying: the drying process using fluidized bed drying can reduce the drying time in the drying oven by about 20 times. In addition, compared with uneven tray drying, fluidized bed drying can provide controlled and uniform drying conditions.
  6. Whether the product is produced in a fluidized bed or a high-shear mixer, whether it is mass production or continuous production: By fluidized bed drying, it is necessary to ensure that the drying is always carried out in thermodynamic equilibrium. The intake air temperature must be selected so that the moisture transferred from the inside of the particle to the surface through the capillary tube can just evaporate from the surface of the particle. If the intake air temperature is too high, it is likely to form a surface shell, which will hinder or even prevent moisture from being transported from deeper layers to the outside. This will delay the entire drying process, not speed it up.
  7. For process variants such as spray granulation, spray agglomeration or spraying, it should be noted that not only the water needs to evaporate continuously until the defined residual value is reached, but also the drying must be carried out throughout the spraying process. Too high intake air temperature may result in insufficient liquid bridges, unstable particle structure, and uneven film appearance.
  8. Under reasonable use, fluidized bed drying can provide an efficient solution to bring soft and uniform drying to your products.

Structure of SD-300L laboratory miniature spray granulating, coating and drying machine (boiling granulator):
The top spray device of SD-300L multifunctional spray granulator is composed of a cone-shaped pot body and an expansion chamber. Because the pot body is cone-shaped, the fountain-like fluidization state in the pot body is ensured, and the inlet air flow pushes the pot body. The material in the expansion chamber upwardly enters the expansion chamber. Because the diameter of the expansion chamber is larger than the air inlet at the bottom of the pot body, the wind speed of the inlet wind decreases. There are multiple spray gun installation ports on the top of the expansion chamber, which can be used to spray atomized liquid during the granulation and coating process. Top spray can be applied to drying, granulating and taste masking coating.

The bottom spray device of SD-300L multifunctional spray granulator is composed of a conical pot and a built-in deflector. The bottom of the pot adopts a double air duct structure to control the airflow state inside and outside the deflector. The material moves upwards at a high speed in the guide tube, enters the expansion chamber and then falls outside the guide tube, and circulates in this way. The atomizing spray gun is installed in the center of the guide tube, and the spray gun sprays liquid from bottom to top, and the direction is consistent with the direction of the material and airflow. Bottom spray is mainly used for functional coating of various pellets and granules.

Technical characteristics of SD-300L laboratory miniature spray granulating, coating and drying integrated machine (boiling granulator)

  1. SD-300L multifunctional spray granulator is easy to operate: the control system adopts PLC automatic control and color touch screen operation. During the experiment, the experimental parameters such as inlet air temperature, outlet air temperature, material temperature, fan speed, spray pressure, etc. can be based on The experiment needs to be changed immediately, which is convenient for users to use; the touch screen has a USB interface, and the data can be exported to a U disk or printed online;
  2. Stable operation: The core components of the equipment such as touch screen, fan, heater and control system are all imported equipment, which ensures the stability and reliability of equipment operation;
  3. SD-300L multifunctional spray granulator can replace pots of different volumes to meet the experimental needs of different batches of materials;
  4. The feedback function of material temperature and inlet air temperature linkage to ensure the realization of the best process;
  5. SD-300L multifunctional spray granulator adopts a new type of back-blowing system to effectively increase the yield of granulation;
  6. SD-300L multifunctional spray granulator, in order to meet the requirements of users to adjust various parameters in the experimental range, adopts real-time regulation PID constant temperature control technology in the temperature control design, so that the temperature control in the whole temperature zone is accurate, and the granulation package is guaranteed. The temperature is stable during the dressing process.




SD-300L Mini Spray Granulation Coating All-in-one Machine


Spray granulation, coating, mixing, fluidized bed drying machine

Rated capacity of spray granulation

MAX. 300g/batch

Minimum processing capacity of spray granulation


Granulation temperature


Compressed air



MAX. 300g/batch


MAX. 300g/batch

Spray head type

Two fluid


0.7mm standard(1.0mm available)


0-150 mᶟ/h

Peristaltic pump

Max. 1000ml/h

Drying chamber




Drying chamber material

SUS304 stainless steel

Frame material

SUS304 stainless steel




7-Inch LCD display with USB interface


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