SD-3000F laboratory pilot Spray freezing dryer can be used for low-temperature dehydration of heat-sensitive, viscous, active and high sugar materials, such as Chinese herbal medicine and nature product extract, dairy product, biological agent, enzyme, fruit original juice, and polymer materials.

  1. With combination of laboratory spray dryer and vacuum freeze dryer, SD-3000F laboratory Spray freeze dryer have the more rapid drying speed than traditional vacuum freeze dryer. The dried powder basically retain their original biological and chemical properties for easy and long-term preservation and when dissolved in water again, materials return to the state of pre-freeze-drying.
  2. SD-3000F laboratory spray freeze dryer adopts a cooling system of air-cooled condensing closed compressor with rapid cooling performance, low freezing temperature and strong moisture absorption ability. Temperature and vacuum degree are displayed in a digital, accurate, and direct mode.
  3. Color LCD touch screen parameters can display drying chamber temperature/pump speed/fan frequency/de-blocker frequency/drying chamber pressure.
  4. In dehydration, the present equipment heats and sublimates natural air to maintain the security of samples.
  5. Vacuum pump built-in.
  6. The convenient and reliable vacuum connection adopts international standard clamp.
  7. Stable performance, easy operation and low noise.
  8. Compared with traditional freeze dryer: rapid freeze-drying of wall sticking and organism containing liquid materials (juice, traditional Chinese medicine extract, etc). The powder size is adjustable within a certain range.

Laboratory Spray Dryer Parameters

Model SD-3000F
Power 12KW
Voltage 380V
Capacity 1000/batch
Spray freezing temperature <-30°c
Cold trap temperature ≤-60°c
Vacuum pump power 2KW
Max. vacuum pressure <20Pa
Spray pressure 2-5Bar(adjustable)
Compressed air 4.2m³/h
Nozzle type Two fluid nozzle
Nozzle Jet 0.7mm standard/(0.5/0.75/1.0/1.5/2.0mm available)
Body material SUS-304 Stainless steel
Operation mode Automatic/Manual
Vacuum pump plug yes
Vacuum connection Standard clamp
Seal of cyclone/cylinder Silicone
Vacuum degree display Digital
Dimensions 1600*1080*1750mm
Weight 300KG
Display 7-Inch LCD display
Sample safety Low temperature & vacuum
Particle size 1~100um

labfreez SD-3000F pilot Spray freezing dryer