SD-1800F laboratory low-temperature spray dryer

SD-1800F laboratory low-temperature spray dryer is a breakthrough made by us with efforts in spray drying technology.

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SD-1800F laboratory low-temperature spray dryer is a breakthrough made by us with efforts in spray drying technology. SD-1800F can extract natural product and juice from traditional medicine (herbal medicine) in laboratory and get powder particles of excellent liquidity at a low temperature of 110°C with a high yield. In particular, it achieves rapid material drying at low temperature and provides very convenient and safe drying method for thermo-sensitive materials, such as biological product, high carbohydrate traditional Chinese medicine natural product extract, thermolabile polymer material, heat gasification material and so on.

Low-temperature Spray Dryer Features

  1. Entire spray drying experimental process can be completed in 110 ° C, greatly reduces the temperature of drying to solve the problems for spray drying of heat-sensitive materials.
  2. Color touch-screen operation: PID temperature control heating temperature, heating accuracy reach ± 1 °C., peristaltic pump feed rate can be adjusted at any time.
  3. Particle diameter of powder in normal distribution, good liquidity with low noise, in line with laboratories noise standards;
  4. Structure of two-fluid atomizer spray, made of high quality stainless steel materials, precision manufacturing, compact design without ancillary equipment, easy to use.
  5. Feed rate can be adjusted by feeding peristaltic pump, rated capacity 1800mL/h
  6. Spray head located in the middle of the drying chamber, can be dry in concurrent or counter-current way, can lengthen or shorten drying time according to the material characteristics, suitable for heat-sensitive materials.
  7. With the function of the fluidized bed;
  8. Can be equipped with 1-micron precision filter, effectively improve the efficiency.

Low-temperature Spray Dryer Parameters

Model Number SD-1800F
Structure Two fluid atomizing
Control PID
Display 7’’ touch LCD
Machine Material SUS 304 Stainless Steel
Nozzle Type SUS 316
Nozzle Size 0.5mm 0.7mm 1.0mm 1.5mm 2.0mm can be selected & customized
Power 4KW/220V
Size 1100*1000*1200
Rated material processin 1000~1800ML/h
Mini sample 50ML
low temperature 110°c
Inlet air temperature range 105 ~200°C
Precision of Temperature ± 1°c

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