SD-05A 5L(5kg)/h Advance Pilot Spray Dryer Machine, suita for water-based solution

SD-05A  advance pilot spray dryer has a stable appearance, beautiful atmosphere, convenient operation, patent shape design.

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SD-05A 5KG Pilot spray dryer machine

labspray SD-05A pilot advance spray dryer 5kg 5L

 SD-05A pilot spray dryer through a large number of research and learn from the Danish Niro and Anhydro spray dryer design concept, and the newly developed upgraded version of the pilot type spray dryer. Among them, SD-05A pilot spray dryer has a stable appearance, beautiful atmosphere, convenient operation, patent shape design, high quality technology level and new control system, which meets the needs of more laboratory and pilot users, and even can replace the imported spray dryer

SD-05a pilot spray dryer structure labspray


SD-05A pilot spray dryer features

Process Description

  1. SD-05A pilot spray drSD-05A spray dryer touch SCREEN1yer has been introduced to meet the still increasing demand for a more flexible, modern and easy-to-handle laboratory dryer having different levels of control systems. The sanitary design, the easy access to all internal surfaces and the range of available options for optimising the configuration will be appreciated by all users
  2. The liquid RN-Con feed is atomized by a two-fluid nozzle co-current or, alternatively, by an centrifugal atomizer.
  3. The drying gas is heated by means of electricity, and enters the chamber via a specially LS- Adv designed gas distributor.
  4. The drying chamber has a conical bottom with a 60゜cone angle. The chamber is provided with WD door, light and sight glass.
  5. The plant is delivered with an PLC including necessary control and instrumentation.
  6. Materials of Construction
    • The plant will be delivered in sanitary execution according to Food hygiene standards. All metallic parts in contact with the process, product or gasses are made in stainless steel AISI 304.
    • External surfaces and weldings are polished to Ra < 1.2 µm.
    • Internal weldings in product contact parts (drying chamber, powder duct, cyclone, powder container, gas duct to bag filter) have smooth surfaces, max. Ra0.8µm. Sand blasting technology on the outer surface.
    • Other internal weldings are ground flush to parent sheet grit 120.
    • Stainless steel cladding is made in AISI 304.
  7. Standard list:
    • Feeding Pump
    • Nozzle Atomizer
    • Centrifugal Atomizer(option)
    • Delivery Fan
    • Gas Heater
    • LS-Adv Gas Distributor
    • Drying Chamber
    • Cyclone
    • Field Instrumentation and Control System Hard Ware
    • Spare Parts

SD-05A spray dryer nebulizer different

Technical Parameters

No. Item Name Specifications


1. Equipment model SD-05A
2. Max. water evaporation 5L/H
3. Peristaltic pump 0~5000ml/h
4. Inlet air temperature 30-300 ° C ± 2 ° C
5. Air temperature 30-120 ° C ± 2 ° C

Inlet & outlet temp. sensor

PT-100 temperature sensor, intelligent PID control
7. Atomization structure Seamless design of nozzle atomizer & rotary atomizer with RN-Con modular design
8. Atomizer Original imported, standard parallel flow two-fluid atomizer
9. Hot air distributor H-Adv integrated structure hot air distributor, rotating like wind, evenly distributed, adjustable wind direction
10. Door hole WD round door hole design, beautiful appearance, both window observation and door cleaning, with thermal insulation design
11. Induced draft fan Taiwan high pressure fan, 1.5KW/220V, frequency conversion control
12. Electric heaters 10KW/380V, special stainless steel
13. Dry air flow Up to 100 kg/h
14. Average drying time 1.0-1.5s
15. Automatic draining device Automatic needle, adjustable operating frequency 1-60s
16. Air compressor 2.2KW, gas production 180L/min, working pressure 2-6bar
17. Capacity of collection flask 1.5L

Control system

1. Electrical control cabinet The chassis adopts the HSSP standard spraying process, and the elegant electrical components adopt Schneider Electric standard.
2. touch screen 10 inch capacitive high resolution touch screen with resolution: 1024*800
3. Software system LF-Control 2.0 version control system with temperature, pressure sensing, pump start, stop and variable frequency control data curves, logging and alarm functions.
4. Quick release design Temperature sensors, power supplies, and air lines are designed for quick insertion and tube management for easy maintenance and finishing


1. voltage AC380V, 50HZ
2. rated power AC380V/16KW
3. Mini. space required (L*X*H) 1930mm×1030mm×2010mm
4. weight 265KG

Optional Accessories

Item No. Item Name DESCRIPTION
SD05A002 Air compressor Silent and oil free
SD05A003 Air hammer Air hammer system for automated control
SD05A004 Centrifugal atomizer Rotary high speed centrifugal atomizer
SD05A005 Bag filter Used to treat dry exhaust and recover residual materials
SD05A006 Bag filter Used to treat dry exhaust and recover residual materials with pulse function
SD05A007 Air pre-filter SS304 type air pre-filter rack

SD-05A spray dryer bag filter  SD-05A spray dryer frame design   SD-05A spray dryer frame with bag filter  SD-05A SPRAY DRYER air compressor

Intelligent Silent Oil-free Air Compressor (OPTIONAL)

  • Pure oil-free: pure oil-free design, the output gas does not contain oil molecules, no harm to the human body
  • Ultra-quiet: low noise, smooth and non-fluctuating output air pressure, reducing noise pollution
  • Multi-stage filtration: multi-stage gas filtration, cleaner and purer, extending the service life of the instrument
  • Internal spray rust prevention: The gas tank is finished by internal spraying to prevent the air from being rusted and contaminated.
  • Safe to use: If the voltage and current cause the machine to overheat, automatically stop the protection to avoid burnout.
  • Automatic start: intermittent use, machine switch does not need to be restarted
  • Adjustable air pressure: air pressure can be adjusted to meet different equipment needs
  • Durable: used according to regulations, using more than 15,000 hours
  • Simple maintenance: no need to add lubricant, easy to maintain after purchase
Power (W) 3000
Exhaust volume (L/M) 608
Noise dB(A) 56
Maximum pressure (Bar) 8
Gas tank capacity (L) 120
Gross weight (KG) 124
Net weight (KG) 94
Size (L/W/H) cm 122*55*91

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Product Video

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