0.5~1L Rotary evaporator with water bath, 120rpm, digital display

0.5~1L Rotary evaporator with water bath, 120rpm, digital display. Intelligent Temperature Control. Spraying anticorrosion.

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0.5~1L Rotary evaporator

0.5~1L Rotary evaporator

Basic parameters Model RE-52AA
Glass Material GG-17
Bracket Material Spraying anticorrosion
Material of pot shell Spraying anticorrosion  250*365*150mm
Material of Pan gallbladder Stainless steel    240*120mm
Rotating bottle volume 1L    24#Standard mouth
Collect bottle volume 0.5L   24#Standard mouth
vacuum degree 0.098Mpa
Rotating power 30W
Rotating speed 0-120rpm
heating power 1KW
Temperature control range of bathtub 0-99℃
Rotating bottle volume ±1℃
Lifting power 15W1/15
Lifting trip 120mm
Voltage/frequency(V/Hz) 220V/50Hz
Shape size(mm) 700*440*1005
Packing dimensions(mm) 590*460*460  0.12square
Packing weight (KG) 21
 Function Configuration Speed regulation mode e-cvt
Temperature display mode CU50Type 1 sensordigital display
temperature control Intelligent Temperature Control
Sealing method Tetrafluoro Component Sealing
condenser Vertical condenser85*460mm 29#Standard mouth
Lifting mode Host automatic lifting
Continuous Feeds 19#Label feeding valve

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