1L Rotovap, 180rpm, double LCD display, Slide lift + Manual lift, water bath Rotary Evaporator

RE-2 series rotary evaporator for purification distillation test rotates and shapes a thin film in negative pressure condition by heating.

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RE-2S-VD 1L Rotovap, Double LCD Display, Slide Lifting, 180rpm


RE-2 series 1l rotovap rotary evaporator for purification distillation test rotates and shapes a thin film in negative pressure condition by heating, evaporates efficiently, and then condenses and recollects solvent to purify and separate. The products can be made into system devices with Multi-purpose Circulating Water Vacuum Pump, Diaphragm Vacuum Pump, Low Temperature Circulating(vacuum)Pump, Circulating Cooler, Constant Temperature Circulator, Low Temperature Cooling Liquid Circulating Pump.


  • Can be changed to oil bath (Optional)
  • Additional set glassware is optional
  • Double sealing with Teflon (PTFE) and Viton rubber to ensure high vacuum degree.
  • The air extraction nozzle of condenser is set down, and it is safer after connection with vacuum pipe.
  • Building block design is easily to be extended.
  • Easy operation of lifting, move up and down smoothly and easy to lock.
  • Dedicated electric machinery, worm and gear drive steadily.
  • Speed display ,operate visually and easily
  • The temperature adopts PID control, which ensures accurate temperature control.
  • The separation of bath and the mainframe makes configure flexible.

Technical data

Model RE-2S-VD 1l rotovap
Glass GG-17
Support Material aluminium alloy
Boil material Aluminum alloy + Teflon composite pot, fully enclosed and heated
Rotary bottle volume 1L
Collection bottle volume 1L
Rotary power 40W
Spin speed 10-180rpm
Evaporation capacity 20ml/min( Evaporation of water )
vacuum 0.098Mpa
Heating power 1.5KW
Bath pot  temperature  range 0-99°C
Temperature control accuracy ±1°C
Elevation stroke 100mm+150mm( Slide lift + Manual lift )
Voltage / Frequency (V/Hz) 220V/50Hz
Shape Size 560*320*660mm
Bile size in water bath pan Φ260*h140
weight 10KG
Speed regulating mode Electronic stepless speed adjustment LCD display
Temperature Display LCD display
Temperature control method Smart temperature control
Seal way Teflon + Fluoride Double Seal Ring
Lift mode manual Manual Weight Balancing
condenser Vertical Condenser Double Snake Tube
Continuous Feeds 19# Label feeding valve
Safety function Overload Protection Function (Safety Pipe)


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VP-B95 series water circulation vacuum pump can be also used for RE series Rotary Evaporator

LCC-400 -15°C Circulation chiller to cooling for RE series Rotary Evaporator


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