0.5L~2L Rotary evaporators with Teflon water bath, auto lifting, temperature digital display

0.5L~2L Rotary evaporator with Teflon water bath, auto lifting, temperature digital display. rotary evaporator developed by our company.

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Rotary evaporators

Rotary evaporators

  1. RE-2000A rotary evaporator is the latest intelligent
  2. rotary evaporator developed by our company.
  3. The device uses two-line large-capacity blue backlight
  4. liquid crystal display as the human-machine interface of
  5. the device.
  6. In the control part,the high performance single chip computer is used as the main control chip, and the control object is formulated.
  7. Using special control program, the whole machine is beautiful and graceful, stable performance, and the device is reserved.
  8. Upgrade the interface, according to different customer needs, by upgrading the software can meet user requirements.
  9. Host shock button, fast automatic lifting, lifting distance 0-150 mm


Basic parameters Model RE-2000A
Glass Material GG-17
Bracket Material Aluminium alloy
Material of Pan gallbladder Teflon composite pot, fully closed heating
Rotating bottle volume 1L    24#Standard mouth
Collect bottle volume 1L    35#Ball mill
vacuum degree 40W
Rotating power 0-180rpm
Rotating speed 1.5KW
heating power 0-99℃
Temperature control range of bathtub ±1℃
Lifting power 15W
Lifting trip 120mm
Voltage/frequency(V/Hz) 220V/50Hz
Shape size(mm) 660*420*830
Packing dimensions(mm) 630*560*540  0.19square
Packing weight (KG) 26
Function Configuration Speed regulation mode e-cvt
Temperature Display Square PT100sensor digital display
Temperature display mode Intelligent Temperature Control
temperature control Teflon Seal
Sealing method Host automatic lifting
condenser Vertical condenser85*430mm
Lifting mode 19#Label feeding valve
Optional configuration Heating square Oil bath 0-400℃
Material of bathtub whole304Stainless steel
Splash-proof device Transparent cover for bathtub
Our laboratory glass and experimental instruments are all independently developed and can be tailored to the actual requirements of customers.

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