High Pressure homogenizer

Ultra-high pressure homogenizer is a reciprocating plunger, the material enters the valve group with adjustable pressure under the action of the plunger, and the material loses pressure instantaneously after passing through a specific width limiting gap (working area) It sprays at a very high flow rate (1000-1500 m/s) and collides with the impact ring of one of the collision valve components, producing three effects: 1. Cavitation effect, 2. Impact effect, 3. Shear effect. After these three effects are processed, the particle size of the material can be uniformly refined to below 100nm, and the cell disruption rate is greater than 95%.

HOMOGENI HP55S series of high-pressure homogenizers are produced in accordance with the 2006/42/CE standard, and come with a special tool kit and standard preparation kit.

High Pressure homogenizer Features

  • The pump body is a split design, which is easy to disassemble and clean.
  • The whole machine is designed for GMP, and SIP/CIP operation can be carried out online.
  • With ultra-high pressure design, the pressure can reach 2000bar/29000psi.
  • Two-stage homogenizing valve design, Z or V type micro-jet homogenizing valve can be selected.
  • Any combination of valve components, optional alloy, ceramic or diamond.
  • Digital pressure display, accurate to 1bar.
  • PLC touch screen control, data can be monitored, copied and stored.
  • Dual-mode display of temperature before and after online homogenization, fault alarm monitoring display.
  • The minimum contact product material is SUS2205/SUS2507/SUS316L.
  • Frequency conversion control device with soft start function.
  • The flow rate can be adjusted according to the output without consuming materials.
  • Online emptying, zero residue inside can be achieved.
  • The power end is equipped with a high-power motor to ensure stable operation under high pressure.
  • Special feed valve design, without exhaust, can feed directly.
  • The residual amount of materials is zero, which is especially suitable for the research and development of pharmaceuticals with expensive raw and auxiliary materials.
  • The whole machine has patented intellectual property protection.
  • Passed ISO9001 quality management system certification.
  • Pass the EU CE machinery safety certification.

High Pressure homogenizer Scope of application

It is dedicated to food laboratories, suitable for food, beverage, dairy, cosmetics and other related industries.

High Pressure homogenizer Basic parameters


Handling products  food, beverages, Health products, etc
Product process viscosity  <10000 cPs
Maximum feed particle size  <500 microns
Maximum feed temperature  <90 °C
Sample temperature control  6°C -15°C
Yield  35-55 liters/hour
Minimum single batch volume  100 ml
Homogeneous series  two
Working pressure  800bar
Working pressure  600bar
Pressure display  Hygienic diaphragm Digital display pressure sensor
Main motor 3 kW, level 6, Class. F, IP55
Voltage and frequency  220V, 50Hz, single Mutually
Circulation circuit  24V, 50Hz
level  Sanitary
Plunger  2 pieces, made of ceramic
Lubrication of mechanical components  Not required
Internal cooling  fan
Inlet and Outlet connection  Tri-Clamp quick connection
Maximum cleaning temperature  <90 °C
Maximum sterilization temperature  <145 °C
Cleaning/sterilization time  30 minutes
Water consumption during cleaning/sterilization  55 liters/hour
Environmental conditions  Ambient temperature 3- 40°C, maximum humidity 90%
Mechanical safety  The whole machine passed CE machinery safety certification
QC quality control  Passed ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification
Intellectual property rights  The whole machine owns Design patent protection
Appearance size  685*615 *755 (mm)

High Pressure homogenizer Description of core components

High-pressure module  SAF 2205 high-density forging two-way special stainless steel
Plunger  Germany DOCERAM 99.99% zirconia ceramic, indicating that the polishing is 0.2u
Homogeneous valve body  316L stainless steel jacket
Valve components  Stellite alloy material
Inlet valve seat  Stellite alloy
Pressure gauge  high-precision sanitary diaphragm pressure sensor
Plunger seal  Germany GEHR high-density composite plunger seal
Transmission belt  American GATES transmission system
Pressure regulating hand wheel  adopt Italian ELISA ergonomic pressure regulating handle.
Safety unloading valve  built-in safety valve
Power system
Bearing  Sweden SKF bearing system, Germany INA
Motor  Sweden ABB Class 6 three-phase motor, rotating speed 760rpm
Controller  Delta touch screen + German MOELLER with overload protection
Crankshaft  High-strength ductile iron, quenched many times
Lubrication system  forced lubrication, American Castrol lubricant
Frame SUS304 stainless steel and removable panel


1 HOMOGENI HP55S host includes:

•       digital pressure sensor

•       standard feeding cup

•       special tool kit

•       standard preparation kit

•       manual CD

2 Cold water circulation machine (Optional)