SD-1900 Upgrade Pilot Large Particles laboratory Spray Dryer, 5L/h, powder diameter from 5 to 100µm

SD-1900 pilot-scale spray dryer is an innovative product through years of exploration and research. Compared to current pilot-scale spray dryers, this machine has the advantages of small volume, lower noise, low power, high recovery rate and convenient operation, which can be used in the laboratory. The whole machine occupies less than one square meter. It is configured with one button start up and the color LCD touch screen for easy operation. Also, it can run automatically or manually for monitoring in the experimental process. It generates spray particles with a diameter of 1 to 100 microns and performs excellent in drying.


  • The spray head is a concentric one. It guarantees no eccentricity during atomization that may lead to spraying to the bottle wall. The spray head can move up and down after installed to facilitate the adjustment of the atomization position to improve the spray drying
  • To assure accurate temperature control and easy parameter adjusting, SD-1900 applies PID.
  • Temperature protection: At the end of the experiment, the heater temperature is extremely high, which requires the blower continue working to reduce the internal temperature to ensure the safety of the equipment. SD-1900 laboratory spray dryer ’ s program can automatically control the rotation of the blower. Even if the operator makes a mistake, user still cannot shut the blower down until the system temperature is reduced to the system default safe state. Then the blower will automatically stop
  • There is a nozzle cleaner (deblock device), which will be cleared when the nozzle is blocked, and the frequency of the deblock can be adjusted


Model SD-1900
Two modes of run Automatic mode, and Eye monitored mode for the purpose of easily controlling experimental process .
Air inlet temperature range 105~350℃
Air outlet temperature range 65~160 ℃
Capacity 3500~5000ml/h
Max. Sample feed 5000ml/h
Min. Sample feed 50~100ml/h
Control method PID Control
Temp. Precision ± 1℃
Dry cycle time 1. 0~2. 5S
Display parameters temperature, airflow volume, air pressure, pump speed and de-blocker frequency.
Standard nozzle 1.5 mm jet (other sizes 0.8mm/l.0mm/2.0 mm is optional)
Material Drying chamber, cyclone separator, collection bottle, collection tube material are all 304 stainless steel
Heating power 9kW, AC380V/50~60Hz, 40AOptional
Dimensions 1100*955*1950 mm

Inert loop system, nitrogen circulating system, solution recovery system (SD-1900A)