Progesterone (P4) is a dominant hormone during pregnancy. In the later stage of pregnancy, the stress hormone particularly cortisol (C) may increase for initiating the parturition process as a consequence of fetal stress. This study was a preliminary study to compare the concentration of P4 and C in feces of Etawah Crossbreed Goat during their last stage of pregnancy and post partus. This study used 5 pregnant Etawah Crossbreed Goats (t 20th weeks) of pregnancy. Fecal samples were collected in the 20th week of pregnancy to 2 weeks of postpartum. All fecal samples were then dried using a freeze dryer (Labfreez FD10-MR) for 7 days at -80°C. Afterward, dried feces were pulverized and extracted by using 3ml of methanol 80%. The fecal extract was then analyzed the P4 and C concentrations using the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay method. Concentrations of P4 and C metabolites in the last stage of pregnancy were 5,506.18 3,396.72 ng/g dry feces and 136,625.83 42,479.22 ng/g feces, respectively. Concentrations of P4 and C metabolites in the 2 weeks postpartum decreased at 669.38 P 643.9 ng/g feces and 110,295 / 14,378, 8 ng/g feces, respectively. It canbe concluded that there was a difference in the fecal progesterone and cortisol concentrations between the last phase of pregnancy and the postpartum phase.

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