Filtration Separating Plant

Filtration Separating Plant Basic information

● Model:MSE-1812
● Processing capacity:3~20L/H
● Membrane element: GE imported roll type membrane, Single membrane area 0.26㎡
● Power unit:Imported GRUNDFOS pump、0~16.8Bar(Frequency adjustable)
● Material circulation tank:Effective volume V=16L

MSE-1812 Manual Multifunctional Roll Membrane Filtration Separating Plant, 3~20L/h








System overview

●Laboratory type MSE-1812 (manual) mainly used in separation and purification of ultrafiltration (UF), nanofiltration (NF) and reverse osmosis (RO), can be used for filtration, decoloration, desalination, purification and concentration
●According to the size of the molecular weight of the separation material, the membrane is selected; The material from 0.03 mu m to 100daltion can be separated.
●With the advantages of easy cleaning, maintenance and high freedom of use.










Power unit
●Imported GRUNDFOS pump
●Variable frequency control, adjustable from 20 to 50Hz, with wide range of use
●Rate of flow:200~1100L/H
●Pressure:0~16.8Bar adjustable










Membrane Shell
●3 parallel membrane wall
●Connection: High pressure clamp quick release connection, pressure 20Mpa
●Material:AISI 304
●Surface treatment: External surface brushed treatment, inner surface mirror polishing, with food hygiene grade







Roll type membrane elements
●3 pieces GE imported roll membrane
●Model No.: 1812 industrial separation membrane, anti fouling membrane
●Scope of application: microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis
●According to the user process, can select different brand 1812 membrane with the same specifications, including domestic roll membrane







Control cabinet
●Field instrument control cabinet
●Control mode: PID instrument control, automatic adjustment
●Sensor: Temperature electrode, pressure sensor, frequency conversion motor
●Flow meter: Field flow meter, manual adjustment
●Instrument: Four in one display + control instrument, frequency conversion regulator











Material standard
●Contact material part:Material AISI 304, sanitary hose
●Non contact material part:Material AISI 304, carbon + spray paint
●pipeline:Sanitary seamless stainless steel pipe
●Valve: Food grade sanitary direct pass ball valve, diaphragm valve

 Specification parameter

Processing capacity  3~20L/h
Power unit:  Imported GRUNDFOS pump, frequency conversion control, with high voltage protection settings
Working pressure   0~16.8bar adjustable

Membrane element: 
●  Membrane species: GE imported roll type separation membrane – roll type ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, RO membrane
●  Single membrane area:0.26㎡
 Membrane element length:298.5mm
●  Membrane shell:  Material AISI 304、high pressure clamp quick disconnect、Anti-pressure : 20Mpa
Membrane aperture:Interception accuracy >95%( Standard material test) MWCO 200KD,100KD, 10KD,5KD, 2K,1K,600D,300D,150D,100D, RO,customized

Valves, flowmeter:  Sanitary ball valve and rotor flowmeter
pipeline:   Material AISI 304, sanitary inside and outside polishing, with stainless steel pipe heat exchanger

Electric control cabinet
● Online monitoring of temperature, pressure and liquid flow rate
● Pump frequency conversion controller, real-time display of speed and frequency
Temperature and pressure preset alarm

Material circulation tankAISI 304, effective volume =16L

System upgrade:          
●Material, heat exchanger, flowmeter, valve, pump, etc., can be customized according to the user’s environment
●Semi automatic and automatic control system can be customized according to user requirements
●Remote control, mobile iPad control system can be customized according to user requirements