Pilot Multifunctional roll-membrane filtration separation plant, 50 ~ 100L/h

roll-membrane filtration equipment mainly used in separation and purification of ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis (RO).

roll-membrane filtration equipment

Basic information

● Model: MSE-4040
● Processing capacity: 50 ~ 100L/H
● Membrane element: GE imported roll type membrane, Single membrane area 5.6 ~ 7.5㎡
● Power unit: Imported GRUNDFOS pump、0 ~ 25Bar(Frequency adjustable)
● Material circulation tank: Effective volume V=80L

System overview

●Pilot type MSE-4040 mainly used in separation and purification of ultrafiltration (UF), nanofiltration (NF) and reverse osmosis (RO), can be used for filtration, decoloration, desalination, purification and concentration
●According to the size of the molecular weight of the separation material, the membrane is selected; The material from 0.03 mu m to 100daltion can be separated.
●With the advantages of easy cleaning, maintenance and high freedom of use.

Power unit
●Imported GRUNDFOS pump
●Booster pump + circulating pump, double pump control to meet the needs of experimental diversity
●Variable frequency control, adjustable from 20 to 50Hz, with wide range of use
●Pressure: 0 ~ 25Bar adjustable

Membrane Shell
●3 parallel membrane wall
●Connection: High pressure clamp quick release connection, pressure 20Mpa
●Material: AISI 304
●Surface treatment: External surface brushed treatment, inner surface mirror polishing, with food hygiene grade
Roll type membrane elements
●3 pieces GE imported roll membrane
●Model No.: 4040 industrial separation membrane, anti fouling membrane
●Scope of application: microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis
●The 4040 membrane has GE, Dow Chemical brand membrane with rich diversity lateral comparison test; The universal membrane shell adapts to a variety of brand membrane

Control cabinet
●Field instrument control cabinet
●Control mode: PID instrument control, automatic adjustment
●Sensor: Temperature electrode, pressure sensor, frequency conversion motor
●Flow meter: Field flow meter, manual adjustment
●Instrument: Four in one display + control instrument, frequency conversion regulator

Material standard
●Contact material part: Material AISI 304, sanitary hose
●Non contact material part: Material AISI 304, carbon + spray paint
●pipeline: Sanitary seamless stainless steel pipe
●Valve: Food grade sanitary direct pass ball valve, diaphragm valve

Specification parameter

Model MSE-4040
Processing capacity 50 ~ 100L/h
Power unit Imported GRUNDFOS pump, frequency conversion control, with high voltage protection settings
Working pressure 0 ~ 25 bar adjustable
Membrane element ●  Membrane species:  GE imported roll type separation membrane – roll type ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, RO membrane
 Quantity: 3
●  Single membrane area: 5.6 ~ 7.5㎡
 Membrane element length: 1016mm
 Membrane shell:  Material AISI 304、high pressure clamp quick disconnect、Anti-pressure : 20Mpa
Membrane aperture: Interception accuracy >95%( Standard material test) MWCO 200KD,100KD,  10KD,5KD, 2K,1K,600D,300D,150D,100D,  RO, customized
Valves, flowmeter Sanitary ball valve and rotor flow meter
pipeline Material AISI 304, sanitary inside and outside polishing, with stainless steel pipe heat exchanger
Electric control cabinet ● Online monitoring of temperature, pressure and liquid flow rate
● Pump frequency conversion controller, real-time display of speed and frequency
Temperature and pressure preset alarm
Material circulation tank AISI 304, effective volume =80L
System upgrade ●Material, heat exchanger, flowmeter, valve, pump, etc., can be customized according to the user’s environment
●Semi automatic and automatic control system can be customized according to user requirements
●Remote control, mobile iPad control system can be customized according to user requirements
Size 1400x1000x1800mm
Weight 130kg

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