SD-18A Mini Spray Dryer, Lab Advance Bench-top Spraying Drying Machine

SD-18A mini spray dryer is out most advance bench-top spray dryer, adoptered famous brand components, excellent worksship, second-generation human operation interface, it is our best mini spray dryer.

Mini Spray Dryer – SD-18A

About SD-18A paper collection

Meticulous & stable spray drying

  • Spray nozzle imported from U.S.
  • Fan imported from Taiwan
  • Schneider  & Siemens electric components
  • LCD touch display from Taiwan

Delicate design on appearance

  • Whole body spray painting process
  • Quick release design to let experiment in easy way

Siemens PLC

  • Fuzzy PID control, precise & humanity

Advanced Interface

  • Intelligent & humanity LCD interface
  • Visual touch operation, animation demo process flow
  • Inlet temperature, outlet temperature, frequency value, pricker frequency can be display and control
  • Data logging, analysis, alarm and overload protection

Real frequency converter fan

  • Frequency converter fan can be great help in particles forming, product yield and processing
  • We use real frequency wind turbine design, Delta brand inverter


Max evaporator capacity  1800ml/h
Peristaltic pump feed rate   0 ~ 2000ml/h

Inlet air temperature

 30 ~ 250°C ±1°C

Outlet air temperature  30 ~ 120°C ±1°C
Dry air flow rate  70m3/h (maximum 330m3/h), pressure 686Pa
Blower  0.2KW/220v, frequency converter fan
Electric heater  3.2KW/220V, 2520 special stainless steel
Temperature sensor  PT-100, intelligent PID control
Spray system  nozzles (U.S.), 0.7mm diameter, Two-fluid nozzle (inside mix)
Avg drying time  1.0 ~ 1.5s
Automatic block discharging device  0 ~ 60s adjustable
Control system  Siemens PLC, 7’’ color touch LCD display
Electrical standard  Schneider
Quick release  Temperature meter, air piping and power supply
Dimensions(H×W×D)  910mm×575mm×423mm
Power supply  220/230V, 50 ~ 60Hz
Rate power  220V/3.6KW
Weight  50kg


Oil-Free Air Compressor (Standard fitting for lab spray dryer)


  1. Quality assurance. Obtained the ISO9001-2008 and ISO13485-2012 quality system certification of TUV in Germany.
  2. Pure oil-free design. The output gas contains no oil molecules and is harmless to the human body.
  3. Ultra-quiet. Low noise, smooth and non-fluctuating output pressure, reducing noise pollution.
  4. Multi-level filtration. Multi-stage gas filtration keeps the instrument cleaner and extends its life.
  5. Internal spray rust. The inside of the gas tank is sprayed and finished to prevent the air from being rusted and contaminated.
  6. Safe to use. Weakness, current causes the air compressor to overheat, can automatically stop the protection to avoid burnout.
  7. Automatic start. Intermittent use, air compressor switch does not need to restart.
  8. Pressure is adjustable. The air pressure can be adjusted to meet different equipment needs.
  9. Durable. It is used according to regulations and has been used for more than 15,000 hours.
  10. Easy to operate. Power on and use without any training.
  11. Maintenance is simple. No need to add lubricant, it is easy to use.


Voltage 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
Power (W) 550W/0.75HP
Maximum displacement (L/min) 115
Amount @7bar(L/min) 40
Noise dB(A) 58
Maximum pressure (Bar) 8
Gas tank capacity (L) 22
Gross weight (KG) 25
Net weight (KG) 23
Size (L/W/H) mm 410*410*520

SD-18A mini lab spray dryer compared to the same type of products on the market

Picture SD-18A mini spray dryer  
Product SD-18A Mini bench-top type Similar type in market
Appearance Four-layer car paint process, beautiful appearance Ordinary spraying process
Design The overall product improvement, in line with human body mechanics, easy to operate, can be used on the table.
Adopted Quick release connection
Design is not ergonomic and needs to be placed on the ground. The operator must operate on the ground.
Material Material contact part: AISI 316L, borosilicate glass
Non-contact part: AISI 304, carbon steel.
Material contact: AISI 304, borosilicate glass
Non-contact material: AISI 304, carbon steel
Two-fluid atomizer United States imports Spray nozzles, fine atomization, not easy to block the nozzle, with a needle structure. The domestically produced nozzles in Shanghai have low cost, strict control of the process, frequent nozzle blockage, and uneven spray particles.
Drying tower kit material is high temperature resistant borosilicate glass, designed to meet the spray drying process tower design process, including dry main tower body and cyclone separator. Without the design concept of the molding, the drying tower body and the cyclone separator do not conform to the spray fluid mechanics.
It is easy to stick to walls and lose material.
Main accessories All use well-known brands in the industry, most of which are imported first-line brands, including Siemens PLC, Taiwan Fan, imported touch screen, and Schneider Electric. The low-end accessories are used, which has low cost and short service life.
Touch screen Taiwan imported 7-inch touch screen, high-definition display, sensitive touch Low-cost touch screen, mostly MCGS, is insensitive to touch and shows a noticeable graininess.
Product seal Strict control of powder leakage, including multiple sealing treatments, no leakage during spray drying After the experiment is completed, the laboratory dust is serious, and the product leaks leaking seriously at the joint.
Product manufacturing process Strict product manufacturing, material testing, factory inspection, etc.  Detailed instruction manual, nearly 60 pages. The factory is not strict and the product manual is simple.
Data trace Comes with USB port, data can be export to XLS file to computer for analysis. Uncertainty

SD-18A Mini Lab Spray Dryer Packing & Components

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