• Small and portable, light weight design, intelligent frequency conversion, low energy consumption, precise temperature control + 0.1°C flow alarm
  • High and low temperature alarm
  • Alarm signal output
  • HD LCD screen display
  • RS485 communication (optional)
  • AC220V (standard), AC110V/DC24V (optional )


Cooling capacity curve



Pump curve


PRODUCT NAME Micro inverter chiller MODEL RC600Q RC900Q
project unit value value
Nominal cooling capacity w 600 900
Rated voltage/frequency V/Hz 220/50-60 (110V optional) 220/50-60 (110V optional)
rated power w 380 400 420
water pump lift 20 25 25
Maximum flow L/min twenty four 25 25
refrigerant type R134a R134a
water tank volume L 1.9 1.9
temperature setting range 10~35 10~35
Temperature control accuracy Soil 0.1 ±0.1
Operating temperature 0~45 0~45
storage temperature -10~60 -10~60
net weight kg 16.85 17
Dosing type Water/Ethylene Glycol Aqueous Solution Water/Ethylene Glycol Aqueous Solution
External water pipe (prepare by the user) 10mm pneumatic connector 10mm pneumatic connector
Machine size (excluding protrusions) mm 381*340*265 381*340*265
Communication interface (optional) RS485 RS485



Power outlet AC220V, AC110V can be customized

Pin The signal content
L line of fire
N zero line
E ground wire

Alarm interface

Cold water machine state The signal content
Foot 1 and pin 2 Foot 1 and pin 3
Regular work break breakover
breakdown breakover break

Signal interface (customizable RS-485 communication)

base pin The signal content
1 unused
2 unused
3 A
4 unused
6 unused
7 unused
8 B
9 unused