MEDIAPREP60 Automated Cell Culture Media Preparatation Instrument 60L

Media Preparator is the core of all kinds of biological culture in laboratories. Many follow-up work depends on the quality of the medium.


Media Preparatation Instrument 60L, MEDIAPREP60 Automated Cell Culture medium preparator

Product Description:

High-quality media is the core of all kinds of biological culture in today’s laboratories. Many follow-up work depends directly on the quality of the medium. An efficient preparation process is also important, which not only reduces laboratory labor costs, but also frees researchers from tedious and repetitive tasks. The MEDIAPREP60 preparator Automated Media Reader is flexible – ready to allow you to quickly sterilize and prepare high quality media. This minimizes the space required to store the finished petri dish, eliminates the management of the petri dish storage, and ensures high quality media uniformity. It can quickly and gently sterilize the medium and accurately monitor and control the time, temperature, pressure and other parameters in the sterilization process, so as to ensure that all sterilized products have the same high quality, its intuitive graphical interface and The programming function makes it easy for everyone to operate the instrument.

MEDIAPREP60 preparator can be quickly prepared for sterilization, placed in a sterilizer, and filled with water in a “water jacket system” (sleeve water between the sterilizer and the sterilizer cavity for efficient heat transfer), added to the medium Raw materials, ready to start the sterilization process. The medium can be suspended and dissolved directly in MEDIAPREP60 preparator. Strong magnetic stirring ensures uniformity of mixing in the inner chamber and prevents condensation. The medium can be pre-dissolved in WATER BATH mode prior to sterilization. At the same time, an intuitive graphical interface makes it easy to operate without specially trained personnel. Users can customize multiple sterilization procedures, such as sterilization temperature, time, and dispensing temperature.

Main function:

  • Medium sterilization
  • Highly safe operation
  • Rapid heating
  • Reliable sterilization
  • Rapid cooling
  • Simple dispensing
  • Sterilization data record

Key Components Origin

  • Siemens PLC (Germany)
  • Solenoid valves (Italy )
  • Stirrer motor (Spain or Japan)
  • Pressure sensor (Switzerland)
  • Stirrer bar (Japan)
  • Circulating pump (U.S.)

Technical parameters:

Load capacity  60L, cavity 87L
Cavity size  400 mmx 685mm
Pail size  380mm x 640mm
Sterilization temperature  90-135℃, design temperature 147℃
Packing temperature  35-80℃
Water bath temperature  0-100℃
Temperature accuracy  0.1℃
Temperature offset  1℃
Time setting accuracy  1 minute
Maximum working pressure  2.5bar
Design pressure  3.5bar
Sterilized water in the cavity  deionized pure water, can automatically enter the water (pressure not less than 1bar), and alarm for high and low water levels
Cooling water interface  2 points inner wire diameter 12 pagoda joint
Circulating water  the pressure is not less than 1bar tap water
Drainage interface  2 points inner wire diameter 12 pagoda joint
Sterilizer material  S31603
Packing ports  two, which can adapt to various packing requirements, and one of them can also be used for aseptic addition of materials
Dispensing hose  inner diameter 6mm, thickness 2mm
Material adding port  diameter 32mm
Stirring  strong magnetic stirring, the speed is 0-240rpm, adjustable
Cooling system supplementary pressure water cooling system can maintain the cavity pressure during rapid cooling
Temperature sensor flexible PT-100 temperature probe in the medium preparation chamber and place it anywhere in the chamber
Heating power  15KW
Power requirements  3×380-420V, 50/60Hz, 40A
Dimensions  height 1120mm × length 670mm × width 790mm
Net weight  180kg

MEDIAPREP30 Auto Media Preparator 30 liters


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