MEDIAFILL 20M Media Dispenser, medium tube, jar bottle, plate filler

Product number: MEDIAFILL 20M

Product introduction    

MEDIAFILL 20M medium dispenser is an electronic peristaltic pump dispensing system for precise liquid delivery, specially designed for precise metering and dispensing of various reagent solutions (medium, buffer, diluent, etc.) in the microbiology laboratory , it can make your frequent repeated dispensing operation easy and efficient! One machine for multiple purposes: It can realize various purposes such as “pour plate preparation” and “test tube dispensing”; It is widely used in professional microbiology laboratories of various food and drug companies, government testing institutions and scientific research units.


Instrument Features

  • Compact and lightweight design, easy to move, saving laboratory space.
  • 3 -inch TFT precision resistive full-color touch screen and 32-bit ARM microprocessor.
  • Automatic identification of foot switch, filling with timing and infrared sensing functions.
  • Four innovative designs: flow intelligent calibration, quantitative correction, l ° -720 ° suction angle setting, buffer delay.
  • The pop-up dispensing pump head is adopted, which can quickly replace the dispensing tube of different specifications.
  • The dispensing head with anti-drip design can meet the sanitary requirements and protect every drop of your reagents.
  • Equipped with dispensing tubes of different diameters to ensure accurate dispensing accuracy while obtaining a variety of dispensing volume ranges.

Instrument technical parameters

  • ≥ 20 curing and dispensing modes, the error is ≤± 1.0% ;
  • The anti-drip dispensing head can be used to dispense various microbial reagents such as culture medium, buffer solution and diluent;
  • The maximum volume that can be dispensed in a single time can reach 3000mL , the flow rate of dispensing is 0.6mL-7000ml/min , and the error of dispensing is less than 1% ;
  • Sterilizable dispensing tube, optional inner diameter 1.6mm, 2.4mm, 3.1mm, 4.8mm, 6.4mm, 7.9mm six kinds of dispensing tube;
  • Five working modes: continuous conveying, timing filling, quantitative filling , duplication filling, weighing filling ;
  • The animation shows the working status , and the setting parameters, flow data, and machine configuration are displayed on the same screen, which is easy to operate ;
  • Membrane keys control start and stop, and external controllers can also be used for remote start / stop control.
  • The design of separating the dispensing tube and the dispensing pump is adopted, so that the fluid only passes through the sterilizable dispensing tube, preventing the possibility of contamination.

Instrument configuration

  • Dispensing pump host 1 set
  • 1 set of anti-drip dispensing head
  • 1 set of sterilizable dispensing tube
  • 1 Foot switch