Medium Dispenser

Automatic culture medium dispensing instrument is an intelligent instrument that integrates quantitative culture medium dispensing, automatic stacking/stacking of culture dishes and high-pressure steam sterilizer. It can provide an aseptic, accurate and quantitative culture medium preparation and dispensing system without personnel on duty. It is mainly used for the preparation, sterilization and aseptic dispensing process of solid medium plates, such as automatic dispensing of bacterial nutrient agar medium, Automatic dispensing of fungus Sabouraud solid medium.

Medium Dispenser instrument is widely used in hospitals, food, environment, disease control, scientific research, inspection, third-party testing and other fields to realize the quantitative and automatic preparation of microbial culture solid medium plates, improve the efficiency of the test, and reduce the repeated mechanical operations of personnel.


  • 3-inch color touch screen, user-friendly UI interface design, simple and intuitive operation.
  • With flow calibration function.
  • Equipped with anti-drip and compensation functions to avoid liquid dripping during filling.
  • High-precision peristaltic pump, accurate quantification, fast dispensing.
  • The suction cup uncovering design prevents the failure of the dish body and the dish lid from being separated, stable operation, high reliability, and strong ability to adapt to the culture dish.
  • Built-in ultraviolet lamp, optional special ultra-clean table, make the whole instrument in a completely clean environment, to ensure the sterile environment.
  • Multi-station design, separate packaging, stacking and stacking of petri dishes at the same time.
  • The multi-station turntable is detachable, which is more convenient for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Multiple automatic protection, one-button start sub-assembly, no personnel on duty.
  • Integrated high-pressure steam sterilizer (optional): realizes the automatic operation of high-pressure sterilization and quantitative dispensing of culture medium.



Model MEDIAFILL-10 500 Medium Dispenser
Working voltage AC220V/ 50Hz
Power 400W
Dispensing range(ml) 5-1000ml
Dispensing accuracy(30 ml) 2%
Dispensing speed 500pcs/h
Dispensing quantity of one time 300pcs
Petri dish specifications Diameter 90mm, 60mm(optional)
Dimensions L650*W510*H840mm(300pcs) or H620mm(200pcs)
Standard configuration 200 dishes storage; Diameter 90mm petri dish
Optional configuration 300 dishes storage; Diameter 60mm petri dish;

10L Autoclave sterilizer; Special ultra clean station