LFZ-CTHP Series Programmable constant temperature and humidity testing chamber

Product introduction

LFZ-CTHP Series of constant temperature and humidity testing chamber are mainly used to simulate the harsh high temperature and low temperature that may be encountered during transportation, storage and use of electronic instruments, new materials, electricians, vehicles, metals, electronic products, aerospace materials, etc. Or humid and heat environment; or high temperature, low temperature, humid and heat alternating environment, inspection materials, accessories or equipment are resistant to high temperature, cold, humidity and heat, and may cause damage to life reduction, etc.

Reliability test equipment research and development software

  • 7-inch high-resolution large-screen display, rich in information; 32-bit high-performance processor, fast computing speed;
  • 24-bit high-performance AD, supports thermocouple, thermal resistance input, high measurement resolution, supports up to 4 temperature inputs; adaptive fuzzy control algorithm, suitable for full-area control;
  • Two-level permission settings, convenient for users and manufacturers;
  • Universal programmable IO points, 8-way DI input, 10-way relay output, convenient for manufacturers to configure the system according to their needs.


A. Box structure

  • Inner box material:SUS304 # (1.2mm thick) stainless steel plate is used, which has the advantages of acid resistance, corrosion resistance and easy cleaning.
  • Outer box material: cold-rolled steel plate with paint treatment, 1.2 mm thick ( box body dark gray, box door sky blue) .
  • Door handle: non-reaction, explosion-proof door handle, easy to operate , safe and reliable.
  • Insulation system :The insulation area is filled with ultra-fine glass fiber, and the connection parts of the inner and outer boxes are made of non-metal high and low temperature resistant materials, which can effectively reduce the temperature conduction; the box door is sealed with refined silicone rubber, so that there is no aging and hardening under high and low temperature conditions. phenomenon, the sealing is more reliable; the humidification method adopts isolated humidification.
  • Moving and positioning device:The bottom of the machine is equipped with high-quality fixable PU movable wheels, which can easily move the machine to the designated position, and then fix the casters.
  • Sample rack :It is made of SUS304# stainless steel punched and bent into a mesh shape, which is easy to use. The distance between the material racks can be adjusted. The standard configuration is two pieces, and the samples are evenly distributed according to the load-bearing ≧
  • Test hole:Open the test hole of Φ50mm, and attach the corresponding thermal insulation accessories and special sealing soft plug
  • Observation window :The double-layer vacuum- strengthened glass is used, and the inner glued sheet conductive film is heated and defrosted , so that the test process can be clearly observed .

B. Refrigeration system:

  • The refrigerating unit adopts German compressor compressor , and uses American Dupont environmental protection refrigerant (R404 a ) , and adopts binary low temperature circuit system design, which is convenient for different temperature regions to use different compressors to increase equipment .
  • The temperature and humidity control adopts PID + SSR system co-channel coordinated control, with the function of automatic calculation, which can immediately correct the temperature and humidity change conditions, so that the temperature and humidity control is more accurate and stable.
  • The temperature and humidity are all using high-precision controllers, the relative temperature and humidity performance is accurately set and displayed, and the resolution reaches 0.1 ℃

C. Heating humidification system :

  • Heating adopts nickel-chromium alloy high-speed heating electric heating wire;
  • High temperature completely independent system;
  • Humidity adopts stainless steel tube with built-in nickel-chromium alloy high-speed heating electric heating wire and high-temperature magnesium oxide powder, which has fast response and long service life.
  • The heating and humidification systems are completely independent, and the humidity has an automatic water replenishment device.

D. Control System:

  1. Adopt precise liquid crystal display programmable temperature controller;
  2. Intelligent digital display PID microcomputer temperature control instrument;
  3. Touch setting, digital and direct display, humidity directly display percentage, temperature sensor adopts PT100 platinum resistance tester.
  4. The temperature control adopts the heat balance temperature adjustment method.
  5. The programmable temperature controller with precision liquid crystal display can be used for program testing, with multiple groups and multi-segment programming operations, optional fixed value and program, and arbitrary time setting functions.
  6. The main electrical components of the equipment, such as circuit breakers and AC contactors, all adopt the “CHINT” brand, and other electrical accessories adopt well-known domestic brands.
  7. Convenient data processing : It can be connected to a printer or 232 communication interface, with a USB data transfer interface (U disk), which can be displayed on a computer, and print the temperature, humidity and time curves, providing a strong guarantee for data storage and playback during the test process.

E. Protection system :

Overall equipment overheating, fan overheating protection, overall equipment under-phase /reverse phase, refrigeration system overload, refrigeration unit overpressure, overall equipment timing, other protections such as leakage, running indication, automatic shutdown after fault alarm, etc.

Test Standard:

  1. GB2423.1-2008/ IEC6008-2-1-2007
  2. GB / T 2423.2-2008
  3. GJB150.3 A – 2009
  4. GJB150.4A – 2009
  5. GB2423.22-2008
  6. GBT 2424.5-2006
  7. GB / T 10589-2008
  8. GB /T 2423.3-2008 ( IEC68-2-3 )


The main technical parameters:

 Model LFZ-CTHP100K20


















 Temperature  range -20℃~+ 150 ℃ -40℃~+ 150 ℃ -70℃~+ 150 ℃
 Power (KW) 5.5


















 Nominal internal   volume 1 00L

1 50L

2 25L

4 08L

8 00L

1 000L

 Inner box size (   W*H*D) 40*50*50






 Dimensions 60*108*138






 Power supply 220V






Common specifications

 Technical   parameter Temperature and humidity range table
Control precision Temperature resolution: 0.01℃ Humidity resolution: 0.1% RH

Temperature deviation: ±0.5℃ Humidity deviation: ±2% RH

Temperature uniformity: ≦ 2℃ Humidity uniformity: ±3% RH

Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5℃ Humidity fluctuation: ±2% RH

Heating and cooling rate Heating time: -70℃ → + 150℃ , the whole process average ≧ 3℃ / min
Cooling time : 150°C → -70°C on average ≧ 1°C / min




Compressor Imported French Taikang hermetic compressor
Refrigerant Environmentally friendly refrigerant R 404A/R23
Blower Centrifugal fan with forced circulation
Evaporator Finned tube heat exchanger
Condensation method Air cooling
Filter drier Absorb the residual moisture and acidic substances in the refrigerant of the refrigeration system, and filter out the solid impurity particles, copper chips, etc. in the system, so as to protect the normal operation of the expansion valve and capillary, and prevent ice blockage and dirty blockage .
 Humidification system Stainless Steel Humidifier
 Heating system Nichrome stainless steel heater
 Water supply system Front-mounted water supply tank, automatic water supply system




Controller Taiwan Weisheng controller
Screen display


1. Direct display of temperature and humidity setting (SV) actual (PV) value

2. It can display the execution program number , segment , remaining time and cycle times , and display the running time

3. Program editing and graphic curve display

4. With a separate program editing screen , each page can input 4 sections of temperature, humidity , time

5. Fixed point or program action status display

6. Language conversion can switch between Chinese / English

7. 7 inch true color display screen

Program capacity

and control function

1. The amount of programs that can be used : maximum 120 groups , 1 program can be composed of 1~ 99 segments , capacity : 1200 segments

2. Commands can be executed repeatedly : each command can reach 999 times , and the temperature and humidity slope setting can be set by the time axis ; 3. Programs can be set and linked for use ; Clear , insert and other functions ; group time signal output control ( can control the ON/OFF action of the object to be tested )

4. Has 9 groups of PID parameter settings

5. It has the function of skipping and holding during program execution

6. With power-off program memory , it will automatically start and continue to execute program functions after power-on

7. Data acquisition , export , view graphics functions

8. PID automatic calculation and FUZZY control function

9. The screen can be adjusted for backlight , and the backlight time can be set

10. The screen display protection function can be set by time or manually

11. Program editing functions such as program copying , COPY, connection function , editing experiment title, etc.

12. It has the function of starting and shutting down by appointment

13. With date and time adjustment function

14. Button and screen lock (LOCK) function

15. Standby picture viewing function and abnormal processing picture description function

 Control system



Communication interface 1. R232/485 communication

2. It can display the curve and obtain the data

3. Can be used as monitoring and remote control system

How to set Chinese / English interface, touch input
Operation mode Program mode / fixed value mode
Predetermined area The upper and lower limit of the maximum temperature range is 5 ℃
Display resolution Temperature: 0.01 ℃; Time: 0.1min;
Power-off memory function The power failure recovery mode can be set as: warm start / cold start / stop
lose enter Platinum resistance
Storage function Standard configuration 2G SD card to record test data curve, upload and download data, expandable storage capacity
Software usage environment IBM PC compatible machine, CPU above P Ⅱ , memory above 128M , Simplified Chinese Windows2000 or Simplified Chinese WindowsXP operating system
 Security measures Overall equipment overheating, fan overheating protection, overall equipment underphase /reverse phase, refrigeration system overload, refrigeration unit overpressure, overall equipment timing, leakage, running indication, automatic shutdown after fault alarm, etc.
 Structure Chassis shell quality cold-rolled steel plate electrostatic spray (1.2mm thick)
Chassis inner wall SUS304# stainless steel plate (1.2mm thick)
Thermal insulation material 100 mm polyurethane rigid foam + 100 mm high density fiberglass wool
 The standard configuration φ5 0 test hole, lighting lamp, double-layer vacuum- strengthened glass observation window

List of main spare parts

Serial number Taste  name Brand Reference map
1 Temperature Controller Weishi , Taiwan
2 Refrigeration Compressor French Tecumseh
3 Refrigeration Solenoid Valve Sagittarius, Japan
4 Oil Separator Emerson, USA
5 Freeze Dryer Danfoss (Denmark)
6 Solid State Relay Shanghai Zhuoyi
7 Breaker Chint
8 Intermediate Relay Omron Japan
9 Temperature and Humidity Sensor Taiwan Songyang
10 Heating Tube Mai De , Taiwan
11 Humidification Tube Mai De, Taiwan
12 Window Glass Taiwan Peixin
13 AC Contactor Chint
14 Overheat Protector Chint
15 Active casters South Korea
16 Automatic make-up pump Delta
17 Circulation fan Taiwan Fengrui
18 Cooling fan Micro

Product packing list

Serial number Product name Quantity Unit Remark
1 Product certification 1 Share
2 User’s manual 1 Book
3 Warranty Card 1 Share
4 Equipment certificate 1 Share
5 Electrical schematic 1 Share
6 Factory inspection report 1 Share
7 Monitoring software CD 1 Open
8 Packing List 1 Share
9 Test sample holder tray 2 Piece
1 0 Test sample holder support rail hook 8 Indivual

Note: LABFREEZ has always been committed to the innovation and improvement of product performance and functions. For this reason, product technical specifications and appearance will also be changed accordingly without prior notice. The company reserves the right of modification and final interpretation.