LFZ-CR Series Cold Storage Room

LFZ-CR Series Cold Storage Room, Temperature can be set freely during its range. Emerson Dixell brand temperature controller.

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Cold Storage Room

Control System

  1. Temperature can be set freely during its range.
  2. Emerson Dixell brand (imported from Italy) temperature controller.

Alarm System

  1. Two independent alarm system.
  2. Compressor fault alarm, compressor high/low voltage alarm, exhaust system high/low temperature alarm, liquid return system alarm, sensor fault alarm, etc.
  3. The computer connected will display all these working information. History temperature and alarm data can be checked and printed.

Refrigeration Unit

  1. Kide brand(imported from Spain) High quality full closed/semi-closed compressor, efficiently and low noise
  2. Efficient air-cooled condenser/water chilling unit, green refrigerant, low noise motor.
  3. Inner evaporator is equipped with DL ceiling-style or aluminium-alloy-pipe-style air cooler.
  4. Defrosting automatically
  5. Two refrigeration units, include a back-up unit.
  6. Can work under high temperature condition.

Room Body

  • Rigid polyurethane heat shield, the outer and inner panel is color plate.
  • Eccentric connect type make the room body easy to assemble and connect densely
  • Available panel material: color plate, salinization steel, stainless steel, embossing aluminum, etc.
  • Room size: customization
  • Available room temperature: +15 ~ +8°C, +8 ~ +2°C, +5 ~ -5°C, -15 ~ -25°C, -35 ~ -45°C, -50 ~ -60°C and -70~-80°C (you can choose one temperature range or more than one range at the same time for a freezer room)

Products List

Model Type Temperature range Capacity Refrigerant Ambient temp.
LFZ-CR-DS Drug storage A +15 to +8 °C 10 to 40M3 R134a ≤43°C
LFZ-CR-PR Drug storage B +8 to +2 °C 10 to 40M3 R134a ≤43°C
LFZ-CR-RS Refrigerating storage +5 to -5°C 10 to 40M3 R134a ≤43°C
LFZ-CR-N25 Freezing storage -15 to -25°C 10 to 40M3 R134a ≤43°C
LFZ-CR-N45 Low temperature storage -35 to -45°C 5 to 30M3 R404a ≤43°C
LFZ-CR-N60 Ultra low storage  A -50 to -60°C 3 to 15 M3 R404a & mixture gas ≤43°C
LFZ-CR-N80 Ultra low storage  B -70 to -80°C 3 to 7 M3 R404a & mixture gas ≤43°C






If one cooling system failed, the back-up cooling system will start working automatically by double system controller.

If one cooling system under auto-defrosting, the backup cooling system will start to work automatically to keep the inside temperature.


Below picture for cold room took in Shenzhen market in 1994

In 2017, this batch of cold room continue working 23 years in the same place, below picture took in 2016.

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