Main features of  Ult Chest Freezer

  • Dual-stage refrigeration system
  • HC refrigerant which is easy to maintenance
  • Inner material SS304
  • VIP insulation material
  • Touch screen to operation
  • Capacity up to 730 liters (in chest type)
  • CO2 standby system to provent failure in case of power shortage

LFZ-86W -86°C advance Ultra-low Temperature Ult Chest Freezer used from individual laboratory users to growing sample storage needs, ultra-low temperature storage solutions are available in various volume segments.

Temperature control system

  • Microcomputer control, large-screen digital display of the temperature in the box, accurate temperature setting, and alarm setting. Through electronic temperature control, temperature in the box can be maintained at -80 °C for a long time, which is far below maximum ice crystal nucleus formation point, to achieve ideal long-term storage conditions.
  • The temperature inside the box is adjustable from -40℃ to -86℃.
  • Operation panel lock and password protection function to prevent random adjustment of operating parameters.
  • Optional 7″ color LCD touch screen display system.

Security measures

  • High-quality V.I.P vacuum insulation material can ensure the insulation performance of the box;
  • Equipped with high and low temperature alarm function, the alarm temperature point can be set as required. At the same time, it has a number of fault alarm functions: sensor fault alarm, power failure alarm, low battery alarm, high ambient temperature alarm, poor condenser heat dissipation alarm, etc.
  • Three alarm modes: sound buzzer alarm, light flashing alarm, remote alarm interface.
  • It has protection functions such as startup delay and shutdown interval.
  • Optional carbon dioxide backup device, auxiliary refrigeration under special conditions, safe and worry-free.

Cooling System

  • Using imported well-known brand compressors, high-efficiency hydrocarbon mixed refrigerants, and rapid cooling.
  • Vacuum insulation board and thickened environmental protection foam insulation layer, ultra-micro-cellular foam technology, extreme temperature difference resistance, good insulation effect, which helps to maintain the temperature stability in the box.
  • The patented cabinet sealing structure locks the cooling capacity and saves more energy.
  • Using the original imported stable and ultra-low temperature resistant high-efficiency oil separator to ensure smooth pipeline and provide a stable ultra-low temperature operating environment.
  • Reasonably optimize the design of the evaporative condensation system, with strong cooling and low energy consumption.

Ergonomic Design

  • The patented ultra-light exterior door handle design can be operated with one hand, and multiple padlocks can be attached to ensure the safety of precious preserved items.
  • Double inner door design, which can avoid a large amount of cooling loss after opening the outer door to the greatest extent, and can also be used as a separate area for different users.
  • Applicable to 2” and 3” international standard freezing boxes.
  • Heavy-duty lockable casters, easy to move and fix the equipment.
  • Door frame heating device to prevent frost from gathering around the door.
  • Ultra-simple condenser filter design, convenient for maintenance and flushing.
  • Design of air pressure balance valve and temperature test hole inside and outside the box.

LFZ-86W -86°C ULT chest freezer


Model LFZ-86W128A LFZ-86W480A LFZ-86W730A
Technical Data Cabinet Type Chest Chest Chest
Climate Class N N N
Cooling Type Direct cooling Direct cooling Direct cooling
Defrost Mode Manual Manual Manual
Refrigerant Hydrocarbon, Mixing CFC-Free Hydrocarbon, Mixing
Performance Cooling performance(℃) -80 -80 -80
Temperature Range(℃)  -40~-86  -40~-86  -40~-86
Power (W) 480 800 980
Energy consumption (KW.H/24H) 6.8 12.5 14
Material Exterior Material Galvanized steel powder coating
Interior  Material SS304
Insulation Material PUF+VIP
Dimensions Capacity(L) 128 480 730
Interior Dimensions

(W*D*H) (cm)

63×44×47 131×60×60 131×74×73
Exterior Dimensions(W*D*H) 85×74×103 197×86×90 197×100×106
Container load (20’/40′) 36/72 13/26 10/20
Thickness of Cabinet Foamed Layer 90mm 90mm 90mm
Thickness of Door 90mm 80mm 80mm
Capacity for 2 inch boxes 96 360 540
Inner door ——
Power Supply(V/Hz) 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz
Controller Functions Display Large touch display
High/Low Temperature Y Y Y
Hot Condenser Y N Y
Power Failure Y N Y
Sensor Error Y Y Y
Low Battery Y N Y
High Ambient Temp Y N Y
Alarm mode Sound and light alarm, remote alarm terminal Sound and light alarm Sound and light alarm, remote alarm terminal
Accessories Caster Y Y Y
Test Hole Y Y Y
Shelves(stainless steel) —— —— ——
Chart Temperature Recorder Optional Optional Optional
Door locking device Y Y Y
Handle Y Y Y
Pressure balance hole Y Y Y
Racks & Boxes Optional Optional Optional