The graphene preparation dryer adopts a square bin structure and in-situ freeze-drying, which changes the tedious operation in the previous drying process, prevents material pollution, and realizes the automation of drying and sublimation. The model has shelf heating and programmable functions, and can memorize the freeze-drying curve, which is convenient for users to observe the freeze-drying process of materials.
The principle of preparing graphene solid powder by freeze-drying mechanism is to quickly freeze the water in the graphene hydrogel at low temperature, and then make the water in the graphene hydrogel in a suitable vacuum environment, so that the frozen water molecules can be directly sublimated. Dry graphene powder.

The graphene preparation dryer adopts freeze-drying curve optimization control technology, which can control the cooling speed in the pre-freezing stage, and control the sample heating speed and vacuum value in the current stage during the sublimation and analysis drying stage. The intelligent data recording system is used to record and display the temperature curve of the cold trap, the temperature curve of the sample and the vacuum curve in real time. The exported data can be browsed, printed and manipulated by computer, which is convenient for process optimization and drying effect verification.

White graphene has good lubricity and high temperature stability. Boron nitride can maintain its lubricity and inertia even at very high temperatures (high temperature resistance of 2800°C). The use of boron nitride coating can prevent adhesion, thereby prolonging the service life of the mold/mold, improving the surface cleanliness of the product, and shortening the production time. The sintering of metal and ceramic powders is usually carried out on graphite plates. After coating a layer of boron nitride coating on the graphite, possible carbon pollution, reaction and adhesion to the sintered part can be obviously eliminated during the sintering process. During metal melting and metal forming operations, the boron nitride coating can be applied to the mold surface in contact with hot metal or molten metal to avoid chemical attack, make demolding easier, and have a longer mold/mold service life.

The graphene preparation dryer adopts a flexible manual + automatic control mode for manual exploration process and automatic mass production. With real-time alarm display and historical alarm query functions, it is convenient for fault diagnosis and equipment maintenance.