Vegetable and Fruit Freeze Dryer is to pre-freeze the moisture in the fruits and vegetables at low temperature, and then sublime the frozen water in the fruits and vegetables in a vacuum environment to obtain the crispness of the freeze-dried fruits and vegetables. Because the freeze-drying method extracts the water in the fruit under a low temperature environment, it can well retain the original nutrition, color, appearance and shape of the fruit and vegetable, and the taste is crisp.

Fruit contains a variety of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fructose, crude fiber, protein and fat needed by the human body. Freeze-dried fruit is the use of a fruit freeze dryer to freeze the water in the fruit at a low temperature, and then sublime to obtain the freeze-dried fruit. While keeping the shape, color and shape of the fruit unchanged, it retains its original nutrition and has a hydrating effect. It is a natural health food that modern people like very much.

What are the structural characteristics of vegetable and fruit freeze dryer?
1. The freeze-dried box and diaphragm are manufactured in strict accordance with GMP requirements. The cylinder is made of grade 304 stainless steel with mirror polished inside.
2. It adopts integrated box cold trap, front box and rear box design, compact structure. There is an observation window, and there is a lighting device in the observation window, which is convenient for observing the situation in the box. Designed into a structure or form that is easy to clean and has no sanitary corners.
3. The partition can be customized according to customer needs, including aluminum profile layer or 304 stainless steel layer. The aluminum sheet is extruded and wire-drawn, the surface is flat and smooth, and the heat transfer performance is good. The 304 stainless steel plate layer is processed by surface drawing square steel profile, which is flat, easy to clean and hygienic.
4. The cold trap water collection coil is made of clean stainless steel. The overall structure or split structure can be selected according to customer needs.
5. The refrigeration system components are imported according to high standards, with strong refrigeration capacity, fast refrigeration speed, stable and reliable performance;
6. ​​Vacuum system provides a variety of vacuum pump combinations according to customer needs; high-quality vacuum pumps with unique technology.
7. Imported control system is adopted, which is convenient for data storage and operation, and is easier to master. With automatic/manual control mode, the control mode can be switched at will. Multiple groups can be set in the process setting; the formula can be modified at any time during the drying process, and steps can be skipped arbitrarily;
8. The vegetable and fruit freeze dryer adopts soaking or steam defrosting, the defrosting speed is fast, and the cleaning is clean.