Rotary evaporator is a necessary and few experimental equipment in scientific research and production in various industries. Its working principle is to use constant temperature heating film to evaporate under the condition of vacuum negative pressure. The rotary evaporator uses stepless speed regulation to make the glass rotating bottle rotate at a constant speed, and the material forms a large area uniform film on the glass bottle wall. At this time, the rotating bottle is evenly heated by the constant temperature water and oil bath, so that the material will be heated under vacuum conditions. High-speed evaporation is formed, and the solvent vapor is cooled by the glass condenser and recovered in the glass collection bottle. The rotating body of the rotary evaporator is composed of a set of stable and reliable three-phase asynchronous motors and inverter control devices.

The advantages of the rotary evaporator are low noise, reliable sealing, large contact area, high evaporation efficiency, easy to use, can handle easy foaming materials, complete specifications, etc. Our company has 2L, 3L, 5L, 10L, 20L, 30L, 50L , 100L and other specifications of rotary steaming.
1. The main structure adopts a large number of stainless steel and aluminum alloy parts, which is firm and beautiful.
2. The rotary evaporator adopts the manual lifting of the pot body, and the lifting stroke is 180mm.
3. The condenser adopts main and auxiliary double condensers to ensure high recovery rate. It is used to evaporate organic solvents and uses vertical condensers to save space.
4. The rotating shaft adopts high borosilicate glass, and the connection part adopts fluorine rubber skeleton oil seal, and the sealing effect is good.
5. The rotary evaporator is equipped with a lifting heating tank, a closed resistance wire heater, and the temperature for heating with water or oil is from room temperature to 99°C or 400°C. The water tank is made of barrel-shaped stainless steel with strong corrosion resistance and long service life. The heating tank can be raised and lowered up and down, intelligent temperature control of the bath, digital display, and temperature control are realized by a K-type sensor. When the water temperature reaches the preselected temperature, the controller automatically cuts off the heater power supply, and when the water temperature is lower than the water temperature, the controller automatically turns on the heater power supply to achieve a constant water temperature in the tank.
6. The rotation speed of the rotary evaporator is controlled by the frequency converter, and the digital display rotation speed is stable. We can use the speed control knob to set the required rotation speed.
7. The rotary evaporator has a vacuum display function.