How to use the rotary evaporator correctly:
(1) Reasonably configure chemical wastewater evaporator equipment. Enterprises should correctly select and reasonably configure equipment according to the production process and process characteristics, as well as the work intensity of the process, so that the equipment composition of the enterprise is reasonable, so that they can coordinate and support the process performance and production capacity, and avoid “precise machine rough use” and ” Big horse-drawn trolley” in order to achieve the purpose of rational use of equipment.
(2) Arrange production tasks appropriately. Different evaporator equipment has different process performance and load capacity. Enterprises should arrange production tasks according to the process performance of the evaporator equipment, and formulate labor quotas according to the load capacity (work efficiency) of the evaporator equipment, so that the process performance and load capacity of the equipment are compatible with the production tasks. Overload operation.
(3) Provide good working conditions. All evaporator equipment is designed and manufactured according to certain scientific and technological principles in order to meet the actual needs of production, and it is required to work under certain working conditions. The reliability of the equipment is also achieved under certain working conditions. Therefore, creating good working conditions is an important condition to ensure the normal operation of the evaporator equipment, extend the service life, and ensure safe production.
(4) Formulate scientific rules and regulations. To use chemical wastewater evaporator equipment correctly, it must be guaranteed by scientific and practical rules and regulations. Enterprises should formulate evaporator equipment management systems, operating procedures, maintenance procedures, and post responsibility systems based on actual conditions and equipment characteristics, and achieve the purpose of correct use of equipment through strict implementation of various rules and regulations.

The specific operation method of the rotary evaporator:
1. Height adjustment: manual lifting, turning the hand wheel on the machine column, turning forward to rise, reverse turning to fall.

Electric lifting, the main unit goes up when the up button is touched, and the main unit goes down when the down button is touched.

2. There are two external joints on the condenser for cooling water. One end is connected to the inlet water and the other end is connected to the outlet water. Generally, it is connected to tap water. The lower the temperature of the condensed water, the better the effect. The upper port is equipped with a vacuum connector and connected to the vacuum pump. The tube is used for vacuuming.

3. Turn the speed control knob to the minimum before starting the machine, press the power switch and the indicator light is on, and then slowly turn to the right to the required speed. Generally, large evaporating flasks are used for medium, and low-speed and high-viscosity solutions use lower speeds. The flask is a standard interface No. 24, with 500ml and 1000ml two flasks randomly attached, and the amount of solution is generally not more than 50%.

Precautions for the use of rotary evaporator:

1. The glass parts should be handled gently before assembly, and they should be washed, wiped dry or dried before assembly.
2. A layer of vacuum grease must be applied to each grinding port, sealing surface sealing ring and joints before installation.
3. Water must be added before the heating tank is energized, and dry heating without water is not allowed.
4. The (19) must be screwed into the safety hole to prevent damage to the flask.
5. Check if the vacuum can’t be drawn up
(1) Whether all joints and interfaces are sealed;
(2) Whether the sealing ring and the sealing surface are effective;
(3) Whether the vacuum grease between the main shaft and the sealing ring is applied well;
(4) Whether the vacuum pump and its hose are leaking;
(5) Whether the glass is cracked, broken or damaged;

Configuration instructions:
1. Long-term sealing-from the sealing design and material selection to ensure the corrosion resistance and long life of the dynamic sealing system.
2. Lifting and lowering of the bath-the glass is fixed, and the glass is not easy to be damaged during operation.
3. Precise and intelligent temperature control, the temperature fluctuation of the bath is one-tenth of the ordinary two-position temperature control. Can reduce punching.
4. Using non-contact technology, no sparks, safety and durability are all excellent.
5. Bottle withdrawal device-the rotating bottle can be easily withdrawn to reduce glass breakage.
6. Low-temperature cold trap-condensed with ice or dry ice, suitable for the recovery of low-boiling melts.
7. F4 socket-can greatly reduce the phenomenon of glass grinding “seize”, reduce breakage, and increase air tightness.

Routine maintenance of the rotary evaporator system:

1. The evaporator is washed regularly.
The maintenance of the evaporator usually adopts the method of “washing effect” (also called furnace washing), that is, cleaning the dirt in the evaporator. Different types of evaporators have different fouling conditions under different operating conditions, so the washing effect should be carried out regularly according to actual production and experience. The length of the washing cycle is closely related to the production intensity and steam consumption. Therefore, we must pay special attention to the quality of operation and extend the washing cycle. There are two kinds of washing effect: large washing and small washing.

a. Great washing. It is the washing effect method of discharging washing effect water. First reduce the amount of steam input, drain the material in the effect, then add the condensed water to the specified liquid level, and increase the steam pressure to make the water boil to dissolve the dirt in the effect, turn on the circulating pump to flush the pipeline, and when the washing requirements are met, Reduce the steam pressure, and then drain the washing effect water. If the fouling is serious, wash twice.

b. Small wash. Small washing is a method of not draining the washing effect water. Generally, the upper part of the evaporator heater is easy to foul, and it can be washed regularly before the overall fouling to remove the local fouling layer of the heating chamber, so as to restore the normal evaporation intensity. The method is to reduce the amount of steam, exhaust the material in the heating chamber and the circulation pipe, and then when the water in the circulation pipe reaches a certain level, then increase the steam pressure and resume normal production, allowing the washing water to circulate and wash in the effect.

2. The evaporator often observes the operating current and working conditions of each feeding pump, over-feeding pump, and forced circulation pump.

3. The environment around the evaporator should be kept clean and free of debris, and the insulation and protection layer outside the equipment should be intact. If damaged, maintenance should be carried out from time to time to reduce heat loss.

4. Strictly implement the major, medium and minor repair plan, regularly conduct disassembly inspection and repair, and make records, and accumulate the data of equipment inspection and repair to facilitate technical improvement.

5. The measurement and safety accessories of the evaporator, thermometers, pressure gauges, vacuum gauges and safety must be checked regularly. It is required to be accurate and reliable to ensure the correct operation control and safe operation of the evaporator.