Below is the steps refer to our mini spray dryer SD-18A:

  1. Plug the main power cord into the prepared socket.
  2. Turn on the main power switch, and the digital block on the panel starts to display.
  3. Set the circulating air volume of the ring fan, and set it arbitrarily within the range of 20% -100%. Turn on the ring fan after setting.
  4. Set the temperature of the air inlet according to the user’s needs. It can be arbitrarily set between room temperature + 5 ° C-240 ° C. After setting, turn on the heating switch.
  5. Turn on the rotary switch of the magnetic stirrer to make the material mix well and stir for later use.
  6. Set the rotation speed of the peristaltic pump to be selected within the range of (0-100%).
  7. When the air inlet temperature display is the same as the set temperature display or the outlet temperature display has exceeded 90 ° C, test spraying can be performed.
  • Turn on the air compressor and adjust the outlet pressure between 5Kg and 8 Kg.
  • Turn on the high-pressure gas flow meter so that the gas output is about 10 liters / minute.
  • Insert the infusion tube of the loading peristaltic pump into clean water.
  • Turn on the peristaltic pump for loading and adjust the pressure plate of the peristaltic pump so that the roller of the peristaltic pump rotates smoothly and liquid flows.
  • Observe the atomization state of the nozzle at the upper end of the drying tower and the drying condition in the drying tower, and observe the temperature display of the air outlet. At this time, you can set the flow of high-pressure gas, the amount of sample pump solution, and the temperature of the air inlet. , Circulating air volume and other comprehensive adjustments, until the spray dryer system is stable, the test spraying work is over.
  1. After confirming that the spray dryer system has reached the preset targets and the operation is normal and stable, you can enter the spray drying process of the formal liquid material.