The latest spray dryer is especially suitable for western medicine, food drying and granulation. The obtained granules have strong disintegration, good fluidity and high solubility, and can be directly used in tablets, capsules, etc. Of course, compared with developed countries, my country’s spray dryer technology level still has a certain gap. Therefore, our spray dryer equipment manufacturing enterprises must continue to learn international advanced technology, combine practical experience, explore new technologies, develop new technologies, launch new products to participate in international competition, and continue to develop toward the trend of large-scale, high-intensity, and high-economy go ahead.

The main feature of spray dryer is rapid drying speed. It uses special equipment to spray the liquid into a mist, which is a very magical phenomenon. The surface area of ​​the material liquid increases greatly after atomization, and the drying speed becomes faster, and the speed is surprisingly fast. It can evaporate about 95% of the water in a few seconds, so the role of the spray dryer is very large. At the same time, it can make production faster and more convenient. The second feature is that the operation of the spray dryer is very simple, which also benefits from its simple production process.

It is worth mentioning that the spray dryer can reduce production procedures during the drying process. For example, after drying, it does not need to be crushed and screened, and realizes automatic operation. This can save a lot of things for the operator.

Nowadays, the world’s energy is becoming more and more tense, so reducing energy consumption and making full use of energy are the main research directions for the future development of spray dryers. Such as the development of a new type of solar spray dryer, the use of combined drying and other methods can greatly reduce the consumption of resources and make full use of existing energy. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, environmental protection issues also need to be considered. We want to reduce the generation of exhaust gas and dust leakage when spray dryers are in use, so as to reduce the impact on the surrounding environment. Only energy-saving and environmentally friendly spray dryers can occupy the future market, otherwise they will only be eliminated.