The freeze-drying process of the pilot freeze-drying machine is to remove the moisture and other solvents in the frozen sample by vacuum sublimation to dry the frozen sample. During the entire freeze-drying process, the spatial structure of the sample did not change, and it was easy to redissolve, thus ensuring the activity of the sample.

Compared with the small freeze dryer used in the laboratory, it can process more samples and has more complete functions. The pilot-scale freeze-dryer has more functions than the small-scale freeze-dryer. With the function of layer temperature control, the temperature control is more accurate, the sublimation process is controllable, and the material waste is prevented. The process exploration adopts manual exploration settings, and adopts the university automatic mode to run mature technology, which is high in efficiency and beautiful in appearance.

The pilot freeze dryer is not only suitable for exploring and optimizing the freeze-drying process and preparing for large-scale production, it is also suitable for small-batch production. It is an ideal equipment for enterprises and scientific research institutes for pilot and small batch production. Silicone oil is used to conduct heat to ensure that the temperature of each shelf and each point of the shelf is consistent, and the temperature control accuracy is high. Use high-transparent plexiglass door panels to observe the freeze-drying process of materials. The electronic control system is powerful, not only can set the freeze-drying process, but also can choose the PLC control system to achieve eutectic point detection, remote control and other functions.

This product adopts a 7-inch color touch screen design, intuitive Chinese operation interface; real-time status and historical data are displayed in numbers and curves; the square tray is not easy to deform, easy to operate, and easy to clean; equipped with a gas valve, which can be filled with inert gas; separator The temperature is adjustable and controllable, and the freeze-drying process can be explored; there are manual and automatic operation modes, 36 programs can be set in the automatic operation program, and each program has 40 temperature control sections, which can meet the different freeze-drying process requirements of users.

The pilot freeze dryer can avoid the pollution caused by material transportation; the drying chamber adopts a high-transparent colorless transparent plexiglass door, which can clearly observe the change process of the material during the operation; the cold trap and the drying chamber are designed with structural separation and water trapping The advantages of strong ability and short drying time; all stainless steel design, corrosion resistance, easy to clean, each layer of diaphragm is equipped with a temperature sensor, which can monitor the temperature and change characteristics of each layer of material.