In the drying process of the closed-loop dryer, the drying medium used is an inert gas, and the material liquid contains an organic solution. This machine has many unique advantages in the drying operation. For example, due to the anaerobic control of the medium, the physical and chemical properties of the material are more stable and the quality is better. In addition, the far-infrared heating efficiency is high, the indirect liquid thermal hysteresis effect is small, and the stability is good.

At the same time, in actual operations, the recovery of solvents is safer and more reliable, eliminating the risk of explosion and combustion. The closed cycle dryer adopts programming software, PLC operation control, dynamic display of process flow chart, and TV monitors the atomization status of materials. And through classic and practical control methods, the process parameters can be freely controlled. At the same time, it is also equipped with a complete alarm device to ensure that the equipment is stable and reliable during operation, and users can use it with confidence.

In view of the above performance characteristics, we can use this type of closed cycle dryer to dry toxic and odorous products. Secondly, during operation, if there is too much dust in the air, an explosive mixture may be formed. And the finished product should avoid contact with oxygen, otherwise it will oxidize and affect the quality of the product.
Usually when using a closed cycle dryer for drying operations, N2 is used as the drying medium. Set up a condensation system to condense and recover organic solvent vapors and wash and remove dust in the gas to prevent blockage of the heater. It should be noted that the entire system is operated under positive pressure to prevent leakage. When drying, heating air is mainly used, which is easy to cause atomization and fast drying.
Because of this, the closed cycle dryer has the characteristics of high temperature and drying in a certain space, so it can be used to dry most water-soluble substances and suspension emulsions. The closed-circulation spray dryer is a system that forms a closed circulation loop, and the heating medium can be recycled. The closed loop system designed for organic solvent recovery has extremely high requirements for explosion-proof control, high self-control performance of the system, and demanding GMP requirements.