It can be used to store vaccines, reagents, etc. It is suitable for sunlight, remote unstable electric resources and Areas lacking electric knives.



  •        Microcomputer   collision,   LCD   temperature   display,   the temperature in the box is adjustable from 2C to 8C.
  •        High and low temperature alarm control, you can set the alarm temperature point according to your needs.
  •        Three kinds of fault alarms: high and low temperature alarms, sensor fault alarms, and digital flashing alarms.
  •        Two alarm methods: audible buzzer alarm and digital flashing alarm.
  •        Protection functions such as start-up delay and stop interval.
    Adopt   high   white   quality   international   famous   brand compression mechanism
  •        Thick    insulation    layer,    super    micro-cellular    foaming technology, good insulation effect.
  •        Using double-layer ice row structure design, the temperature inside the box is more uniform and more accurate.
  •        CFC-free    foaming,    CFC-free    refrigerant,    green    and environmental protection.
  •        Reasonably  optimize  the  design  of  evaporative  J  special condensate system, make the J special system strong
  •        Embedded lambda safety door lock design, prevent l.t from being opened at will
  •        Super t is the holding time, keep the box temperature at 2-10C for more than 60h under the environment temperature of 43C.
  •        The box temperature reaches A-level protection, reducing human intervention.
  •        Wide climate zone design, suitable for 5C~43C environment.


Solar power supply is optional

The mobile energy storage equipment is used to provide power. The electrical energy is in various forms. It can be stored in wind energy and solar energy. It can also be switched with the mains. It can be connected to the electrical

box of the  house. The system can  provide free electric knives for household appliances through the electrical box.  ·When the  battery is exhausted, the system will automatically switch to the  mains  power supply, and will automatically jump to the battery for singing again after the next day’s charging.



Model          Capacity    Vaccine capacity    Maintain time (after power failure in 43°C)    Dimensions (W*D*H)
LFZ-ILR90 90L 72L 60 hours 915*660*820
LFZ-ILR190 190L 163L 60 hours 1460*660*825
LFZ-ILR300 300L 279L 60 hours 1940*775*995