Circulating Thermostat


  • Heating Circulator HRC series with function from high temperature to cooling process, from 300°C~50°C.
  • Equipped with heating cooling container, with large heat transfer area, fast heat-up and cool-down, small heat transfer oil demand.
  • Can heat-up and cool-down continuously.
  • The whole cycle is full closed, there is no oil mist at high temperature, heat transfer oil cannot be oxidized and browning.
  • With function of internal PT100 for correcting internal circulation.
  • The whole system is closed with expansion tank, the expansion tank and liquid circulation are thermal insulation, do not participate in liquid circulation, regardless of high or low temperature, the medium in expansion tank is limited to 60°C.


  • Small space required
  • Low filling Volume
  • High Pump Capacity
  • Rapid & efficient filling of the complete
  • application with venting
  • +60 °C max. expansion tank temperature
  • Simple operation
  • High level of safety through constant
  • Monitoring

Common Specifications

Medium temperature range +10°C ~ +300°C
Control System Feedforward PID, model-free self-tree building algorithm, PLC controller
Temperature control mode selection Material temperature control and equipment outlet temperature control modes can be freely selected
Temperature difference control The temperature difference between the outlet temperature of the equipment and the temperature of the reaction material can be controlled and set
Program editor 10 programs can be programmed, each program can be programmed with 40 steps
letter of agreement MODBUS RTU protocol RS 485 interface
External access temperature feedback PT100 or 4 ~ 20mA or communication given (default PT100)
Temperature feedback Equipment heat transfer medium inlet temperature, outlet temperature, reactor material temperature (external temperature sensor) three-point temperature

Main Specifications