FD-10f Series scale automatic Pilot freeze dryer

FD-10F Pilot In-situ Electric Heating Pilot Freeze Dryer, Laboratory Lyophilizer. It changes the traditional complicated operation.

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FD-10F series In-situ Freeze Dryer, Laboratory Vacuum Lyophilization Machine

Condenser (cold trap)

  • Large capacity condenser design, made by SS304 material, SS316 is optional for the material which has high corrosivity.
  • Lowest condenser temperature reach up to -86°Cfor silicone oil machine, -60°C for electric heating machine.
  • Fast cooling from +20°C to -40°C within 30 min.
  • Independent Cylinder-type cold trap, with high transmittance plexiglass door, powerful ice remove capacity to ensure best performance.
  • Patented gas diversion technology, cold trapping ice even, ice-catching ability.
  • Electric heating around the condenser chamber to remove ice effective.

Refrigeration System

  • Dual-stage cooling technology easy to maintained.
  • Famous brand hermetic compressor like Tecumseh (France brand) and DANFOSS (Sweden brand), low noise, and ensure powerful cooling performance.
  • Danfoss brand of pressure controller and valve to ensure high stability.
  • Condenser -86°Cfor silicone oil machine, -60°C for electric heating machine. fast cooling from +20°C to -40°C within 30 min.
  • Shelf temperature  between -50°C to +70°C ±1°C (when it balance), Fast cooling from +20°C to -40°C within 60 min.
  • Air-cooled machine can be work in the room without additional cooling device.
  • Used CFC-FREE environmental-friendly refrigerant.
  • Brazed plate heat exchanger.

Circulation System

  • GUNDFOS (Denmark brand) shielded circulating pump and PID control electric heating component; circulation liquid used Low-temperature low- viscosity silicone oil.
  • Circulation system is for FD-10F-R, FD-20F, FD-30F-TP, FD-50F, FD-100F, FD-200F series.

Control System

  • Flexible manual + Auto control, manual groping process, auto batch production.
  • PLC control with 7’ LCD touch graphic display, can be operated in auto, semi-auto and manual mode. (Siemens brand PLC + 10’’ touch screen is optional)
  • Shelf temperature adjustable, controllable, explore suitable for pilot and production processes.
  • 32 programs, each program can be set as 36 segments, curve can be stored, processing parameters can be modified in real time.
  • Built with recorder, with USB interface data can be exported to computer for analysis, FD-LYO software & computer is optional for controlling by remote way.
  • sensor calibration function, to ensure long-term use of the accuracy of the measured value.
  • Real-time alarm display and historical alarm inquiry function, convenient fault diagnosis and equipment maintenance.
  • Users can set the level and password, decentralized operation and management.
  • WIFI Remote control software by computer or APP in mobile, you can set the machine in anywhere of the world. (Optional)

Vacuum System

  • Two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump, vacuum is automatic adjust and can be set (optional).
  • Ultimate vacuum can reach 1 Pa, in order to reach highest vacuum, LEYBOLD/ULVAC brand vacuum pump is optional.
  • Pump performance from atmosphere to 10 Pa less than 30 min.
  • System leaking rate less than 10 Pa·l / sec

Standard vacuum pump Leybold pump Edwards pump

Safety Protection

  • Whole machine protection.
  • Operation protection like electrical system have logic interlock, control and protection function.
  • Alarm for vacuum system, heating system and etc.
  • Power off/on protection, sublimation process protection
  • Material protectionduring sublimation process, Heat cutting if vacuum lack
  • Condenser-vacuum system interlock protection system.


  • Normal type suitable for bulk raw products like food, fruit, herbal medicine and bio material. Stoppering type suitable for vials comes with cap, to stoppering caps into the vials.
  • Inflatable (water) valve with a safety diaphragm valve can be connected to the inert gas source, dry and filled with inert gas, to extend the shelf life of the material.
  • CE/ISO 9001 13485 14001 certificated, can be conforms to GMP standard as per customer’s requirements   

plc & electrolic

Shelf & condenser

Door lock  

Door & seal

 Side door

Alarm indicator

Trays & sensor

Vacuum interface






Specification Normal With stoppering
Drying chamber Shelf area 0.2 m2 0.1 m2
Shelf quantity 2 pcs 1 pc
Shelf heating Silicon oil heating

Electric heating

Silicon oil heating

Electric heating

Shelf temp. range -40°C ~ +70°C (Silicon oil heating)

-50°C ~ +70°C (Electric heating)

Shelf space height 70 mm
Shelf dimension 400×270 mm
Tray dimensions 395×265 mm 395×265 mm
Tray quantity (pcs) 2 1
Sample loaded capacity 2L (thickness 10mm) 1L (thickness 10mm)
Stoppering device Manual
Material SS304 (chamber, shelves, trays, pipe)
Vials load capacity


Ф22 vials 440 220
Ф16 vials 868 434
Ф12 vials 1554 777
Condenser Max temp. ≤-65°C

≤-60°C (-80°C is optional)

Ice capture capacity 6Kg/24hs
Defrost Natural (Electric heating is optional)
Material SS304
Vacuum Vacuum pump Included
Vacuum rate 4L/S
Vacuum degree ≤5 Pa
Basic parameters Style of cooling Air-cooled
Dimension(L*W*H) 655×640×1200mm 655×640×1200mm
Weight 210kg 210kg
Control method PLC auto + manual
Installation power 2 Kw
Voltage 220V/50Hz (can be change to 110V/60Hz)

Additional information

Freeze Dryer Heating type

Electric Heating

Material type

Bio samples, Food & Fruit

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