DC12V/DC24V -80°C Car Mobile Portable Ultra Low Temperature Freezer




  • Applicable to pharmacies, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, health centers, scientific research institutes, centers for disease prevention and control and other industry institutions.
  • It is used to store medicines, reagents, vaccines, biological products, etc.



DC12V/DC24V -80°C Car mobile portable Ultra Low Temperature Freezer is a 25L low-temperature freezer mobile refrigerator produced by the company for the civilian and medical markets. The temperature range of the box can be  -25°C, -45°C, -65°C and -86°C; it is a portable refrigerator with precise constant temperature that can change the temperature at will. It is suitable for Vaccines and distribution needs of high-end biomedical users. The net weight of the whole machine is about 20Kg, and the built-in lithium battery has a working time of 2-4 hours (the battery can also be customized for 8-48 hours or more according to user requirements, or a car cigarette lighter can be used, and there is no time limit for plugging in).



Model LFZ-25M25 LFZ-45M25 LFZ-65M25 LFZ-80M25
Capacity 25 liters
Temperature Range -10 ~ -25°C -10 ~ -45°C -25 ~ -65°C -40 ~ -86°C
Power 250W
Voltage DC12V (DC24V, AC220V is optional)
Packing Carton (Plywood)
Compressor DC SECOP (DANFOSS brand)
Refrigerant CFC-free mixed
Controller Microprocessor (Keld)
Inner material 304 stainless steel
Certificate CE/ISO 9001 14001
Inner size 327*220*305mm
Dimensions 785*410*515mm (W*D*H)
Weight 22 kgs