CF-T5B Automatic uncap Centrifuge

CF-T5B Automatic uncap Centrifuge. Automatically remove the vacuum blood tube cap during centrifuging, improve work efficiency.

Automatic uncap Centrifuge


1. Automatically remove the vacuum blood tube cap during centrifuging, improve work efficiency.
2.Instead of handmade cap-off, prevent reagent contact with the human body, reduce the risk of infection.
3.Unique double-layer design for the adapter which apply to blood collection tubes of 13×75mm, 13×95mm, 13×100mm. Uncap success rate will reach up to 100%.
4. It’s the most advanced and efficient centrifuge for blood separation nowadays, specially for vacuum blood collection tubes.
This automatic uncap centrifuge is routine laboratory centrifuges, widely used in clinical medicine, biochemistry, immunology, blood bank, medicine, education & scientific research and production department etc.

1. Microprocessor control, operated by touch key, LED display, operated data can be saved automatically, RCF value can be set directly for working, easy to use.
2. Brushless Motor, Bearing from Europe, running smoothly and maintenance free.
3. Multi-storey damping system. It’s running with low noise and slight vibration and green, adapt the request of environment-protecting.
4. With Over-speed, door interlock, imbalance protection function. The rotor can be disinfected at high temperature & high pressure, ensure safety.
5. Proprietary air current design, small temperature-rise of centrifuge chamber, play an effective role in protection of the sample.
6. Remove the cap of tube automatically, reduce the risk of infection


Model CF-T5B
       Max Speed 5500r/min
Max RCF 5310×g
       Max Capacity 48/96×5/7ml vacuum tube
       Speed Accuracy ±50r/min
       Time Range 0-99min
       Power Supply  110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz 15A
       Noise ≤65dB
       Dimension 460×590×420(mm)
       Net Weight 45kg


Rotor Type Capacity Max Speed (r/min) Max RCF(×g) Dimension of tube (mm)
Swing Rotor 4×50/100ml 5500 5310 Φ38×124
48×5/7ml 4000 3100 Vacuum Blood Collection Tube
96×5/7ml 4000 3580 Vacuum Blood Collection Tube


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