CF-FLR6C New Touch Blood Bank Refrigeration Centrifuge, 6000rpm

CF-FLR6C New Touch Floor Type Large Capacity Refrigerated Centrifuge, 6000RPM. Microprocessor control, operated by touch panel, Touch screen with key

CF-FLR6C New Touch Large Capacity Refrigeration Centrifuge

Product Features

Intelligent control system

◆ Speed up/down mode can be set, and automatically calculate the RCF.

◆ Program gro up shortcut key, large storage space, can store 99 groups of program;

◆ Electric door lock can auto open the chamber door  after the centrifugal operation.

◆ 10 gears acceleration /deceleration with linear drive.

Excellent kernel performance

◆ HD large LCD display and the parameters can be revised during operation without shutdown.

◆ Microcomputer control ,AC frequency conversion brush-less motor with fast speed and stable operation.

◆ Two modes can be set: start timing/arrival revolution timing。

◆ Eco-Friendly refrigerating system,temperature between -20℃-+40℃. 

Careful and safe

◆ With rotor automatic identification system .

◆ Over speed,over heat,unbalance protections with auto lid lock.

◆ Steel Structure,centrifuge chamber made of stainless steel with Environmentally friendly anti-corrosion coating treatment.

Intimate detail design

◆ An intimate tool rack is provided for accompanying tools to guard the instrument at all times.

◆ The front of the fuselage is designed with an operation SOP guide map, which makes it easier and more standard for laboratory personnel to use the instrument.

◆ It is equipped with a rotor cover that can be quickly locked for easy use.

◆ Ergonomic, low opening height, close the centrifuge cover with one press.

◆ Special noise reduction system.

TECHNICAL PARAMETER of CF-FLR6C Refrigeration Centrifuge

Model CF-FLR6C Refrigeration Centrifuge
Max Speed 6500rpm Power 3200W
Max RCF 6680×g Noise Level ≤ 65dB(A)
Max Capacity 6×1000ml Size 905×755×1075 (mm)
Timer 1s~99h59min59s Net Weight 325kg
Revolutions/min ±10r/min Rotor automatic recognition Yes
Temp Range -20℃~40℃ Voltage AC 220±22V 50Hz 30A
Temp Accuracy ±1.0℃ / /

 CF-FLR6C Rotors Specs

Rotor Name Rotor NO. NO. Capacity Max Speedr/min) Max RCF(×g)
Angle rotor 1 1 6×250ml 6500rpm 6610×g
2 6×300ml 6500rpm 6610×g
2 3 6×500ml 6000rpm 6680×g
Swing-out rotor 3 4 6×1000ml(Round bucket) 4200rpm 5100×g
5 6×1000ml(Square bucket) 4200rpm 5100×g
6 Automatic uncap 168*2~7ml

(Blood collection tube)

4200rpm 5100×g

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