BIOF-P SERIES Illuminated Glass Fermentation Tank, Photo Bioreactor

BIOF-P series fermentation system is a set of laboratory glass fermentation equipment with powerful functions, which can meet various purposes of fermentation, such as batch, batch feeding, and even animal cell culture.

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Photo Bioreactor

BIOF-P SERIES Illuminated Glass Fermentation Tank


BIOF-P SERIES Photo Bioreactor Systems Description

BIOF-P series fermentation system is a set of laboratory glass fermentation equipment with powerful functions, which can meet various purposes of fermentation, such as batch, batch feeding, and even animal cell culture. The colour touch screen is used to display all measured values and control parameters, which greatly facilitates the user’s operation. Four peristaltic pumps are installed on the front of the control box to add acid, alkali, defoamer and culture medium to the fermenter. Various parameters in fermentation such as pH, DO, temperature and speed can be monitored by the controller, and all data and control parameters can be transmitted to the controller or computer. The structure is compact, and various components can be integrated into the fermentation system. It adopts the direct coupling mechanical stirring method driven by the upper part or the magnetic indirect coupling mechanical stirring method driven by the lower part, which has a simple structure and stable operation.

BIOF-P SERIES Photo Bioreactor application

This system is suitable for the cell and tissue culture of marine organisms, especially algae and macroalgae. It is one of the hotspots in the current research field. Some of the secondary metabolites such as halogenated terpenes are widely studied secondary metabolites, LABGENI & LABFREEZ He has nearly two decades of research experience in the field of photo culture and reaction, and the photobioreactor is the crystallization of these research experiences.

The light bioreactor specially designed for light cultivation of this fermentation system is suitable for the cultivation of algae cells and tissues. The light intensity can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the percentage, and it can simulate various light modes, such as day and night alternation.


Tank body and function

Nominal volume 3 liters 5 liters 10 liters 15 liters 20 liters 30 liters 50 liters


Diameter to height ratio 1: 2.5;
Filling factor 30%-70%
Material High temperature resistant, acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistant silicon borosilicate glass cylinder, the upper and lower heads are 316L stainless steel, which is easy to operate and clean; the stainless steel polishing accuracy RA≤0.4; the part contacting the material is guaranteed to be 316L, which meets the GMP standard. The equipment is refined and beautiful and can be compared with imported equipment.
Tank functions air inlet sterilizing filter, exhaust condenser, air inlet system with air distributor, flame inoculation port (also feeding port and cleaning port), discharge port, sampling port, replenishing port;
Automatic control electrodes PH electrode, DO electrode, defoaming electrode, temperature electrode port;
Peristaltic pumps Four peristaltic pumps are automatically controlled to replenish acid/alkali/foam/culture agent respectively;
Ventilation Adopt one way of deep ventilation, manual control by rotor flowmeter, adjust gas flow according to process requirements, maximum ventilation 2VVM, control accuracy 1%, air distributor in the tank uniformly distribute gas; use a sterilization filter with a precision of 0.01 ΜM (German SARTORIUS product)

BIOF-P SERIES Photo Bioreactor Stirring system

Mechanical mixing system, servo brushless motor, John Crane brand mechanical seal, 316L stainless steel special mixing shaft material, precision processing, ideal dynamic balance performance, good rigidity, long-term use without deformation; the entire system is safe and stable And long life; stepless speed regulation with automatic setting control

Speed ​​range  50-1000RPM±1RPM
Mixing form  straight and inclined two-stage mixing paddle, mechanically compressed defoaming paddle (first-stage), four baffle plates;
Illumination system  Built-in lamp light source, manual adjustable intensity, suitable for the cultivation of algae cells and tissues, and can simulate various lighting methods, such as alternate day and night, etc.
pH control function  adopts intelligent PID control, special PH electrode;
Dissolved oxygen control  using intelligent PID control, dedicated DO electrode;
Temperature control  electric heating, water cooling, with good heat exchange efficiency; intelligent module control not only ensures the rapidity of temperature control, but also realizes energy saving.
Feeding  a complete feeding system (acid, alkali, foaming enemy, culture agent), can be fixed and quantitative feeding; four peristaltic pumps can be set separately on the control interface, which is convenient and flexible in actual use. Equipped with specially designed replenishment pins to ensure the safe operation of replenishment;
Sterilization  ex-position sterilization, integrated design; the entire tank body can be sterilized in the autoclave together with the support and the feeding bottle;
Vaccination  Alcohol flame vaccination and syringe differential pressure vaccination
Mixing system
Features Wide range, low noise, high temperature resistance, long life, constant torque;
Stirring speed 50~1000RPM stepless speed change;
Stirring accuracy ±1RPM;
PH control
Features The PH electrode adopts intelligent PID control, and the peristaltic pump automatically replenishes acid/alkali; it can make the pH control performance very good;
range 2~12PH;
control precision ±0.02PH
Resolution 0.01PH;
DO control
Features DO electrode adopts intelligent PID control, which can be associated with air intake (mass flow meter) and speed; the control of dissolved oxygen parameters achieves a very ideal effect;
range   0~100%
control precision ±3%
Resolution 0.1%;
Temperature control
Features UB; Electrode detection, automatic control; electric heating, water cooling; UB smart module control to ensure the speed and accuracy of temperature control;
range Cooling water temperature +5~55℃
Precision ±0.1℃
Resolution 0.1°C;
Foam control Electrode detection, peristaltic pump replenishing defoamer, automatic control;
Ventilation Manual adjustment, flow meter display;
Tank pressure Manual adjustment, pressure gauge display;
range 0~0.20MAP;


Photo Bioreactor Illumination system

Built-in lamp light source, manual adjustable intensity, suitable for the cultivation of algae cells and tissues, and can simulate various lighting methods, such as alternate day and night, etc.

Control system (one control one)

German Siemens S7-200 series PLC control system + 10″ embedded industrial control computer LCD touch screen display and operation

  • Control system: field controller, the lower computer is Siemens S7-200 series PLC control system, it is a mature, stable and general-purpose PLC, which can be suitable for various applications of automation, especially manufacturing process control In the application. Its modularity, easy to realize distributed configuration and easy to master features, Siemens PLC control core has become an economical and advanced control system in the implementation of biological reaction process control, the system adopts touch screen display, on-site direct operation (menu type), all Chinese menu and interface; it can also transfer data with the host computer, sample and display tank data, browse and analyse system data, and read settings.
  • It is composed of tablet PC and Siemens PLC as the core, and uses a 10-inch LCD touch screen as the display interface. The display content is rich and complete, the user-friendly screen is simple and clear, and the operation is simple and convenient. And don’t interfere with each other. The control system can adapt to the range of output and input signals of different sensors and actuators, with a signal anti-interference system.
  • Control and display parameters: 14 direct parameters such as temperature, stirring speed, PH, dissolved oxygen, defoaming, air flow, tank pressure, fermentation liquid volume, exhaust O2, exhaust CO2, etc. and indirect parameters can be calculated.
  • Offline parameters: OUR, CER, RQ, KLA, ECO2, EO2. Bacteria mass, sugar, nitrogen, feed, potency, etc.

way to control

  • Manual control method
  • The valve opening ratio or valve opening can be set
  • Automatic control mode: you can choose PID continuous or PID switch mode control
  • Sequential control mode: At least 10 control sections can be preset for all control parameters to realize automatic section control
  • Remote control mode: Acceptable upper computer control
  • Related control: Dissolved oxygen can be controlled by selecting speed, air flow, tank pressure, feeding, etc.; PH can be controlled by adding acid and alkali

Metering function

  • It can measure replenishment, foaming enemy, acid and alkali, etc.
  • The X and Y axis real advance trend graph, which can expand and contract the graph arbitrarily, help the operator to judge the mutual influence between the parameters, so as to quickly modify and adjust the fermentation process

Data processing function

  • Can display and analyze trend curves of all parameters
  • Can store, display, and analyze historical curves of all parameters
  • Batch number report that can display all parameters
  • Can copy data directly with USB flash drive
  • The data storage format is compatible with EXCEL and can be processed on the EXCEL platform
  • Controller self-protection function: password can be set, others cannot modify fermentation parameters; and the controller will not lose the set value of each parameter due to power failure
  • Program control of each parameter,
  • The time display and recording interval of each parameter can be adjusted arbitrarily
  • Two parameters can be set and corrected on the same screen
  • The anti-truth running status displayed on the controller, the panel status process indicator system, process hardware and action status display lights are used to understand the working status of various related devices (such as peristaltic pumps, circulating pumps, heating, stirring, etc.), which can be used to As a fault discrimination display
  • The transmission of each parameter is an independent module, which does not interfere with each other and is easy to maintain

Photo Bioreactor  Main Spare Parts

1 Tank body Stainless steel tank lid, 5 cm stainless steel temperature control jacket and borosilicate glass cylinder 1 China
2 Stirring motor 750W servo brushless motor 1 China
3 driver 750W servo without carbon brush 1 China
4 Silicone tube Shanghai 10 China
5 Field control system German Siemens S7-200 series PLC control system + 10.4 inch Kunlun open state LCD touch screen + control circuit board + electrical box and various electrical appliances. Including cabinets, control cores, signal acquisition, transmitters, power drives and other various executive components ( All are standard parts, the import rate is about 80%) 1
6 Rotameter LZB-10  10-600L/H 1 China
7 Intake filter Sartorius,0.2μm φ50 1 Germany
8 Breathing filter Sartorius φ37 5 Germany
9 Feeding peristaltic pump BL-0~32 ml\min 1 China
10 Acid replenishing peristaltic pump BL-0~28 ml\min 1 China
11 Alkali peristaltic pump BL-0~28 ml\min 1 China
12 Bubble enemy peristaltic pump BL-0~28 ml\min 1 China
13 PH electrode Hamilton/225 1 Switzerland
14 PH cable Hamilton/3m 1 Switzerland
15 DO electrode Hamilton/220 Optics 1 Switzerland
16 DO cable Hamilton/3m 1 Switzerland
17 Temperature electrode PT100 1 Taiwan
18 Electromagnetic valve DN8-UNIT 1 Taiwan
19 Other Accessories Refill bottles, silicone tubes, pipelines, pipe racks, various valves, heaters, pressure gauges, bearings, seals, tools, etc. 1 China

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