BIOF-A Series Lab Advance Glass Bio Fermenter Bioreactor , 1L to 15L

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BIOF-A series advanced bio fermenter bioreactor is a flagship fermenter system developed depends on Bioreactek™ 1st generation bioreactor fermenter for professional laboratory users. Equipped with famous thermal mass flow meter MFC (Optional), automatic ventilation, main control and communication adopts bus mode. BIOF-A has powerful computing power, stable operation ability, high scalability, and can be connected to external weighing balance, exhaust gas analysis, ORP, biomass analysis, etc. It is a product developed and used in depth by laboratory fermentation users.

BIOF-A series bio fermenters bioreactor also undertake the research and development tasks of the latest generation of Bioreactek™: launch the same type of controller suitable for fermenters of various imported brands, and have tested NBS, Sartorius, Applinkon and other well-known brands of tank systems. With the advantages of full-featured controllers, the A series is evolving into the latest generation of Bioreactek™ leading products.

Flagship Premium Fermenter

BIOF-A series adopts the latest generation of Siemens 200 high-end processor, imported Watson-Marlow peristaltic pump, and imported cold water module, which is the most important product line of Bioreactek™.

High-end design, outstanding quality

  • 4 sets of Watson-Marlow peristaltic pumps
  • With general tank: 1L, 3L, 5L, 10L, 15L
  • Siemens 200 series  high-end processor
  • Support for multiple extensions: exhaust gas analysis, biomass detection, TFF systems, and more powerful data processing systems

Redefine the new height of aesthetics

In line with functional demands, in line with user needs, design sense, contemporary popular aesthetic design language – this is the key word for the birth of a new generation of BIOF new controller

Better to use, more stable, more powerful

Carefully selected accessories, including accessories with more stable and reliable quality:

  • Use first-tier brand drives
  • Schneider Low Voltage Electric
  • First-line brand HMI, servo, stepper motor, aviation connector
  • Imported sensors are the main

Quick release design, ergonomic design and other basic industrial designs are introduced to make the product usable more comfortable, longer