Test Chamber Features:
user-friendly design

  1. Large-screen LCD display, multiple sets of data on one screen, menu-driven user interface, easy to understand, observe and operate.
  2. Mirror stainless steel liner, semi-circular corners transition, shelf removable, easy to clean
  3. Equipped with a low-speed rotation of the sample turntable enables each sample in the test chamber is subjected to the same test results obtained at the same temperature environmental testing.

Multi-segments programmable controller

  1. Multi-segment LCD programmable controller, can displays a variety of parameters, menu-driven user interface, it can simplify complex tested, truly automatic control and operation.
  2. Multi-temperature, cycle speed, time and heating rate and other parameters can be set at the same time and can be programmed to control the temperature gradient rising from inside the initial temperature was slowly raised, and other functions, can also be pre-set to automatically boot, so standby and shutdown.
  3. Can be preset programmable 7-segment 63 steps, each segment time from 1 to 99 h, 59 min.

Self-diagnosis function

  1. When there is failure in aging testing, the LCD display will appear error message, run fault glance.

Convenient data processing (optional)

  1. Can be connected to a printer, temperature and time curve 485 interface or USB data transfer interfaces (U disk) recorded with a computer and printer for test data storage and playback process provide a strong guarantee.

security features

  1. Independent limit temperature alarm system, and sound and light alarm operator, to ensure safe operation without accidents. high or low temperature and over-temperature alarm. (Optional)

Test Chamber Specifications





AC220V   50HZ

Temperature range


Temp. Fluctuation


Temp. Uniformity


Ventilation rate

100 ~ 200 times/hour (adjustable)

Rotary speed






Working size (mm) W*D*H