Ultra low temperature cold trap, -50/-80/-100/-120/-135°C, 3L/6L/9L/25L/ 50L

UIC-P Series ultra low temperature immersion chiller used single-stage compression refrigeration, high-effective mixed refrigerant.

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UIC-B Series ultra low temperature cold trap used auto cascade refrigeration, applicable to gas condensate trap, cryogenic liquid bath, oil and gas recovery, material testing, lyophilized drugs and other purposes. Cold trap size, interface mode can be customized. You can customize the vacuum sealed cold trap. Condensation bottle can be equipped with a variety of specifications. Cold trap volume 3L, 6L, 9L, 25L, 50L, minimum temperature -50, -80, -100, -120°C, -135°C.



Stainless steel cold trap, smooth and clean inner wall, optional Teflon coating

The limit temperature is low, which improves the recovery rate of low boiling point solvents and the capture efficiency of harmful gases

It can be cooled directly on the inner wall of the cold trap, or a variety of glass condensation collection bottles can be selected

A variety of material cold trap covers are optional, suitable for water-based, acidic and organic solvent gases

Equipped with condensate discharge valve for easy collection or discharge

Can be used as low temperature tank, prefreezing tank, low temperature container

Cold trap size and interface form can be customized on demand

Vacuum-sealed cold traps can be customized

Can be equipped with various specifications of condensation collection bottles

Desktop design, suitable for use on the work surface, and can also be placed in the fume hood.



MODEL UIC-2-50B UIC-2-80B UIC-4-50B UIC-4-80B UIC-4-110B
Lowest temp.( °C) -50 -80 -50 -80 -110
Trap capacity (L) 2 2 4 4 4
Trap size(mm) Φ120×200 Φ120×200 Φ160×200 Φ160×200 Φ160×200
Temp. control N/A N/A N/A Optional Optional
Cooling type Air cooled Air cooled Air cooled Air cooled Air cooled
Power (V Hz kW) 220/50/0.4 220/50/0.9 220/50/0.6 220/50/1.2 220/50/1.4
Net weight(kg) 23 32 35 68 75

(W×D×H Cm)

25×43×36 30×50×43 36×60×30 45×63×38 50×65×43


MODEL UIC-6-100B UIC-6-120B UIC-6-135B UIC-9-50B UIC-9-100B UIC-9-120B UIC-9-135B
Lowest temp.( °C) -100 -120 -135 -50 -100 -120 -135
Trap capacity (L) 6 6 6 9 9 9 9
Trap size(mm) Ф200×220 Ф200×220 Ф200×220 Ф220×250 Ф220×250 Ф220×250 Ф220×250
Temp. control N/A N/A N/A N/A Optional Optional Optional
Cooling type Air cooled Air cooled Air cooled Air cooled Air cooled Air cooled Air cooled
Power (V Hz kW) 220/50/1.3 220/50/1.4 220/50/1.9 220/50/1.5 220/50/1.5 220/50/1.6 380/50/2.0
Net weight(kg) 92 102 116 65 95 108 121

(W×D×H Cm)

44×52×88 44×52×88 50×55×118 44×52×88 44×52×88 44×52×88 50×55×118
MODEL UIC-25-50B UIC-25-80B UIC-25-110B UIC-25-135B
Lowest temp.( °C) -50 -80 -110 -135
Trap capacity (L) 25 25 25 25
Trap size(mm) Ф280×410 Ф280×410 Ф280×410 Ф280×410
Temp. control N/A N/A N/A N/A
Cooling type Air cooled Air cooled Air cooled Air cooled
Power (V Hz kW) 220/50/1.8 220/50/2.5 220/50/2.7 220/50/2.9
Net weight(kg) 80 100 115 140

(W×D×H Cm)

44×52×98 44×52×98 44×52×98 50*55*118

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